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smack2649, Wow, Every party I did at Sherisranch The lady put the condom on. But All you can do is IF she still works there , Dont Give her Buisness Again,for obvious reasons. In December 2006 I was treated Very Badly ( RUDE ) by a Lady There , who hasnt worked at Sheris in Years , After I already Paid , once the Transaction was completed and we walked into Bungalow. I was a Regular of hers too,and I think she got Frustated with Me since Every Party , Everytime She’d try pulling a sheris Lady in for a 2 girl Party I NICELY Said ” No Thank You”. She waited til last 20 min of Party(in 2hr party) to Finally Get Naked and IF I wasnt on Viagra I’m Pretty sure ” IT ” wouldnt of worked but it did thanks to the viagra and we had sex. Thats was ONLY time At sheris I had to Close My Eyes during sex and Think of Someone else. Next time Ask the Lady If she puts condom on, They usually do though. After That Bad party, ONE Only, I had There I thought about Complaining to Manager But Didnt because of the No Refund Policy.I obviuosly NEVER did another Party with that Lady, didnt matter since she Left Sheris Ranch a month Later to work at another Ranch.I do rememberher being & showing signs of Frustration during Negotations after I turned her down twice for 2 girl party and noticed little sarcasm But I Still went through with Party. BIG Mistake. Since Then ALL my partys at sheris have been good ones But IF I notice any signs of Frustration or Sarcasim from the Lady During Negotiation or she wont do something I like, I Wont Do the Party and We NIcely Excuse Myself from her room.Good Luck Next Time, Smack2649

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