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Bad Boy

To quote the article I referenced in my original post:

PAHRUMP, Nev. — Sheri’s Ranch has announced a new addition to its menu of services: the Sex Tape Room, where guests can make their very own sex tapes.


“Customers often request to film their sessions with our courtesans,” said Dena, madam at Sheri’s Ranch. “So we have taken the concept even further with a room designed for our guests to watch themselves have sex like a celebrity from different angles, then take the footage home for repeated viewings.”

So, clearly, the customer is more than a mere observer.

Also, I fully expected that not every lady would offer this experience, and I very much respect that.

What I have a problem with is that, just like the all-inclusive vacation package from two years ago that never materialized, this service was announced online before it’s actually available. As someone who has wanted to make a sex tape for a very long time (but only in a private, safe/healthy environment), I was excited about being able to check this one off my list on my next trip to Sheri’s. I’m disappointed, to say the very least.

I would love to know which ladies would be willing to provide the sex tape experience when/if it ever becomes available.

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