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For me, tattoos do nothing for me. I am neither attracted by them or turned off by them. Like you, Flint, I love the natural beauty of the female form, but I do often wonder about the meaning of tattoos that some of the ladies have. I have even suggested that Allyssa do a Sheri’s Cribs episode about them, both her own and other ladies, where they talked about the tattoos they have. Tattoos are not, as I said a big deal to me, as long as they don’t distract from who the lady is. Take the aforementioned Allyssa, I am not particularly attracted by her tatoos, but everything else about her turns me on, so should I ever get the chance to party with her, I will do my best to make that happen. There are other girls that that is true about as well. Tattoos are in no way a deal breaker for me, but they aren’t a thing that makes me want to make a deal.

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