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Lily Lovecraft

[quote quote=20783]@lovecraft… you mentioned you were in musical theater? Which musicals?


The secret garden
Some holiday Christmas thing I dont remember the name of.
A musical vertion of a mid summers nights dream.

My favorite musicals are
Refer madness
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Jekyll and Hyde
Anything goes

It would be cool to do music with the other girls.
Ive talked about starting an all hoe band with Jane and Bunnie!

Yes vocal technique verys from opera to jazz to pop. I was already a profetional vocalist by age 12 and have gone through years of training. Personally i just see most pop as sloppy or over prossesed since most people lack even a basic understanding of music and dont have someone yelling at them when their preformance isn’t flawless. Sometimes that can add character to the music. I love rock and punk so I do have appreciation for that raw sound. Some bands like system of a down are classically trained.

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