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Your entire post screams ” I’m having intimacy issues ( not to be confused with sexual issues) in my committed relationship”. As a result coming to a brothel, as I see it from your POV, would be a simple diversion when in fact its more, its likely denial and/or evasion.

One detail many folks don’t realize ( Guys are really good at this one.) Fidelity is primarily a matter of the mind not the flesh. So it appears you have already crossed this line. If you value your “locked” relationship cowboy up and deal with it….fix it or finish it off. Don’t compromise or sacrifice your personal integrity just to duck/deflect certain issues your going to have to deal with in due course anyway. The honor and virtue you claim as an individual and the trust, faith and confidence you have with others is not worth liquidating for what one deludes themselves to see as quick fix. Deceit by omission and/or playing fast and loose with the truth comes at a high price for all.

My advise, MAN UP!!! Fix it or finish it off. If its broken and can’t be fixed you can walk through the doors at Sheri’s with no regret, your principals intact with the end result being you have no skeletons in the closet of which you would likely have to deal with in due course anyway.

If it can be fixed…well…you may find you have a live in sex kitten.

I hope you catch a break.

My Best,


P.S. If you think that visiting the ranch, in any case, could play into an obsessive compulsive disorder, diagnosed/undiagnosed, think twice about it. I have heard of more than one person losing it all from an excessive LPIN habit. Like you I have these kinds of issues, I am a self diagnosed “food addict” which plays to addictive tendencies more broadly. This is a personal issue you need to reconcile for the greater good. Addictions and disorders of this nature are a matter of management, I know I’ve been though the cycle. I have found sobriety in this venue and have established personal symmetry. Getting your arms around this is critical for living a good life. Good Luck!!!

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