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Well it seems you know me well…still livin’ on the end of a lightning bolt tellin’ it like it is. Yeah not around too much anymore, the traffic on the boards has diminished to almost nothing these days for more than one reason. With the installation of this new board I and others had a hell of a time posting (and still do!!) so along with some new twists and turns in my life, most for the better, I’m not here as much as I have been. No utility or time anymore.

Always liked helping the neophytes find their way to nirvana, wherever that may be, yet these days this deed is not as desired as it once was, despite certain obstacles 😉 If the place livens up in some substantial way I could be back a little more regular in the future but I don’t see anything indicating such an occurrence.

Good seeing you again and hope all is well.

My Best,


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