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My wife and I wanted to do something totally out of character to celebrate our 40th anniversary last October. After much back and forth we decided to do a threesome, but didn’t know how to make it happen in a safe and comfortable setting. We both did research and both came up with Sheris. I asked her to pick 3 ladies and I’d do the same. One lady made both lists and that is how we met Montana.

After an evening in one of the bungalows with Montana we both knew we made the right choice. She made us both feel at ease and was very reassuring. This was the most wonderful experience we had shared in all the years we have been together. While both thought our sex life was fantastic, Montana took us to heights we never thought possible.

We have been back to see her several times since and are planning 2 more trips this year. Montana is a fantastic lover and has become a dear friend. We wish we could visit her more often.

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