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@Allissa Its very nice that you shared. I find a courtesan’s first experience at a legal brothel very engaging to learn about.

My first experience happens to have occurred exactly one year ago to this night, so I’ll share a bit of my story. I had made up my mind that I was ready to lose my virginity and was really excited about the thought. I researched some of the legal Nevada brothels online and found Sheri’s which seemed to be the most reputable and I felt most comfortable about since it was closest to Las Vegas. I set out at about 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening without a clue as what to expect.

Upon arrival, my entire body was betaken by nerves. I entered the bar and went directly to the ATM in an attempt to get more cash out and was having trouble since I had withdrew some earlier that day (I assumed it would be cash only transactions). Then, a very nice blonde lady approached me and I informed her that it was my first time at a brothel. (I was too ashamed at the time to admit I had also never had sex). She took me over to the bar and asked what I was “bringing to the table,” to which I had to clarify because I was scared she was referring to my sexual performance!

I had a few ladies I was interested in, but none of them were available by the time I arrived. She tried to get a hold of some of the ladies for me and one of them, she told me, had needed to leave unexpectedly that night. I was a little disappointed and my doubts were accumulating, but she helped me find someone. When she told me that the lady she recommended was getting ready and would be out soon, it really hit me that what was happening and my nerves escalated through the roof.

A few long minutes passed before the red curtains parted, and through them walked an incredible gorgeous brunette woman in a red outfit and heels. She sat next to me at the bar and I quite nearly couldn’t speak. I didn’t verbalize that I was still a virgin until after I had already began undressing her during our party at which time she finally asked me. My head dropped in shame as I answered. She helped me every step of the way, though, and by the time we finished, she pointed out that the sun was rising. I thought that added to the magic, but I still felt bad that I had awaken her. Nonetheless, she was sweet and made light jokes to appease me, and I felt that there wasn’t a better person to share the moment with.

The whole experience completely blew me away. Very little followed suit with my dreaded expectations and more aligned with my hopeful desires.

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