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This is a great post Alissa.

My first time coming to Sheri’s was unsuccessful i drove in the parking lot in 2002 and left. Lol my second time trying to come a friend that worked here flaked on her trip so I cancelled mine the third and final try was successful. I was picked up by kristoff he’s a talker. I heard all about Sheri’s and the girls on my drive up both the good and the bad. Seeing as this was not my first go found in a brothel I had many thoughts of things I had heard of Sheri’s back in the days. Many clients I had know from other places that frequented here said I would hate it here, needless to say I was quite nervous about actually arriving. As we hit homestead and the street light became obsolete I began to get anxious wondering if we were ever going to make it. When I arrived my friend was here to welcome me, I have to say it made it much easier for me. I met our hostess the next day her name is Alethea she was just my speed. It was very funny she was giving us the house tour and speaking to me as if I were very new to the industry she eventually said you seem to know what you’re doing, and started focusing her attention on the other girls. I miss her so much wish she never left us. I remember thinking wow this place really cares for the ladies during her explanations of procedures. I was truly comforted by her as well as Dena, she had just returned from leave and her blue eyes and genuine spirit made me feel like I’ve made it home. She over the next few days took the time to sit individually with the batch of new girls getting to know us. It made me realize that I was in a place that cared who I actually was and not only about the money I can produce. Anyway I stayed 2 weeks for my first visit and with each day it only got Better and better. So thanks to all of the staff around here you all do a thankless job but please know I appreciate all of you and am proud to be apart of the Sheri’s family.

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