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I’m sorry to hear about your decision, I think it maybe something you can reconsider. There are many things that can factor in to why your email was not returned after she arrived. We only have 4 computers to share with 25 ladies at a time. We can only answer emails from those computers. Just like all technology occasionally there are technical issues and we can not log in, this could take days to fix. When we first get to the ranch it is often hard to get to the computers after unpacking and winding down to get comfortable at the ranch, the next day comes and we are on the floor and spending most of our time in the bar. If we happen to get busy for awhile this makes it even harder to get back to the computer room to answer emails. Another possibility is an emergency came up and maybe the girl had to leave early and didn’t have time to do any emails. Finally we do get TONs of spam a day and it can be real hard to sort through real mail and we could accidentally delete an unread email. I am speaking all of this from personal experience and I am guilty of all these faults. I wouldn’t take it that personal and try sending another email to make sure she is ok and got your last email. Emails can be the hardest to follow through and I’m sure she would appreciate if you reconsider. I hope my input helped 🙂

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