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Angel Parr

Allissa was saying from 2-8 simply because that’s about the time that most of the ladies are on the floor. We are open 24/7 however we do eventually need to sleep, so the girls start leaving the bar as the night progresses and our line ups tend to be a bit shorter. In the morning it takes us a while to get up and around after exercising, tanning, checking emails, getting on the forum, eating, showering, and doing hair and make up its tends to be about 12-2 when most of the girls are ready for the day.

With that being said we do still have ladies who are on the floor quite a bit more then that, like I personally tend to get on the floor around 11am and leave the floor around 3-4am. So there are still ladies who will be available just about at all hours but on a week where we have say 18 ladies in the house during the day time will get a lineup with 15-18 but at midnight or 7am you will only have 5-9 to choose from who will actually come out. We pull shifts (5am-5pm 5pm-5am) but during the day time even if we aren’t on shift we tend to be on the floor and late at night or early in the morning only the ladies who are on shift will show up, most of the time, and still one may be partying, one may be in the shower, and another may have just slept through the line up. So even though we always have someone to chose from you can maximize your options during the day time.

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