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    hoochie coochie man

    A couple of weeks ago I made my second trip to Sheri’s this year, unusual for me to get out there twice. This time I made an advance appointment with Becky Lynn.

    I was first drawn to Becky because in her profile she says she plays softball, and I am a huge softball fan. Then of course her pictures are so very sexy, I love the ones in the shorts and ball cap, so I asked Becky if she could dress in them for my appointment.

    I offered to go into town and get some takeout food for Becky, as I know the ladies get tired of eating the same food all the time. She suggested Japanese, so I found the Japanese restaurant in Pahrump. Next door was a pizza place, so I picked up a couple of pizzas for the other ladies. When I brought them into the bar, the hostess said she would have to take the pizzas back to the kitchen, and you would not believe how fast the bar cleared out as the other ladies chased the pizza!

    I was going back out to the car to get the Japanese food when I noticed a tall brunette, quite stunning! Wow, who is that?, I thought. When I came back into the bar with the Japanese food, turns out the tall stunning brunette was Becky Lynn! I was looking for the shorts and ball cap, she decided to surprise me with a little black dress. OMG she could not have been more beautiful!

    We ate the supper in the courtyard, talked softball and other things, Becky is well educated and intelligent, she can impress you on so many levels. Plus she is a total sweetheart. Then off to her room for negotiations, we agreed on two hours in the 60’s Bungalow.

    Our time there was so wonderful, I felt totally relaxed with Becky Lynn the entire time. I had promised her one of my killer backrubs, and I probably spent about half of our time giving her a backrub, rather than being on the receiving end, but that’s OK, she was so enjoying the backrub and I was enjoying giving it to her.

    Becky Lynn is the girl next door. The one you viewed out the side window of your house as she sunbathed, washed her car, or rode off with some other guy in his car. 🙁 She’s the girl you always wanted but could never have. Until now!

    I highly recommend Becky Lynn. She gets the full five stars, I would give her more if I could, and I cannot wait to see her again!


    I talked with hger briefly after my party this summer. She seemed nice but i was more interested in another lady at her table.

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