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    I like knee length knit dresses on a lady. Love the way it highlights curves. A knit dress with sexy lingerie under would be fun to remove, (but leave on the thigh highs!)


    For me personally I like to mix it up with whatever I’m comfortable in. Some days a tight dress, lingerie, sexy swimsuit, and every once in awhile get super casual with booty shorts and a tank top! (Or my DUDE shirt) I love seeing my sexy friends in whatever they feel confident in! Eye candy all day… I love my “job”!

    Amber Lynn

    We do have the most fabulous job! Sex…naughty clothes…and fabulous heels! It doesn’t get much better!

    I love to be comfortable, added bonus we can dress depending on our mood! The sexiest attire is a more sophisticated look…you have to leave something to the imagination! In a perfect would I would rock a t-shirt and unicorn slipper all day long! Unfortunately I get kicked out of the bar every time I try! LOL!

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    For me it’s not the clothes she wears, it’s the woman herself. Sure I love miniskirts, boyshorts and lingerie. However when a woman is comfortable and confident in herself, she just radiates sexiness and everything she wears if a turn on.


    Interestingly, I would be curious about what the ladies opinions are about gentleman’s apparel when the come to Sheri’s. Having been an executive with Fortune 500 companies, owning my own business today, and yes, I live on a Farm in the Midwest, I am as comfortable in Jeans, a Flannel Shirt, as I am in my Suits, Ties, or Formal wear.

    What makes a guest the most desirable?
    1) “Suit’s/Ties/White Shirts?”
    2) “Business Casual (Sport Coat, Slacks, Collared Shirt)”
    3) “GQ Look”
    4) “Blue Jeans/Collared Shirt or Polo”

    Having visited “Gentlemen’s Clubs” all over the world, and since I am a people watcher, I have seen the extremes when it comes to women’s tastes in men.


    Hi everyone!

    I, myself, prefer to wear something that I feel sexy in. Most of the time, that is a sexy tight fitting dress that shows off my natural curves and my long legs.

    Barcelona, you had a great question about what we lady’s prefer to see a gentleman wear when he comes into Sheri’s. I say wear what you are most comfortable in, now I’m not talking about sweat pants because that would be “to casual”, but if your most comfortable in a pair of jeans and shirt, then I say GO FOR IT!



    You’re on!! Guess how many pieces of clothing I’ll be wearing? : – )

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