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    hoochie coochie man

    My last trip to Sheri’s was two years ago. I don’t get too many chances to get out that way anymore, but last week I had occasion to be in Las Vegas, so of course I had to visit Sheri’s.
    Prior to my trip I looked at the ladies schedule on the web site, and on the date of my visit two ladies stood out, Sky and Lovecraft. I was tempted to make an appointment with one of them, but ultimately decided just to go out there, hit the bar, and see what happens. Lots of other beautiful ladies that same week were available.
    I had made a reservation for a hotel room on site, and when I arrived and was waiting for my room, I saw three ladies go down the hall with guys: Camille, Enisa, and Z. All three were very beautiful and sexy, hoo boy this is going to be fun!
    Got to my room and ate supper. BTW, the restaurant is closed to the public, so you can’t order food in the bar. But if you are staying on site, you can order a meal and eat it in your room, but only from 10 am to 6 pm. So plan accordingly.
    Cleaned up and headed to the bar. Was really excited to see how many beautiful ladies I would get to choose from. Stopped just outside the entrance to the bar, took a big breath, walked in to find…. Nobody! Not a single person in the bar. No ladies, no guys, empty!
    Well I ordered a beer and waited. Eventually a few ladies showed up and I talked to two or three of them, but they weren’t who I was looking for. Finally the Hostess asked if she could call a lady for me. I said Sky.
    A few minutes later Sky walked in, looking very beautiful and sexy. We had a nice talk at the bar, then went to her room to discuss a party.
    I said I wanted to try the Nuru Massage. That room was occupied. But she said she could do that in the Playland. So off we went!
    Started off taking a shower together, then Shy gave me the Nuru massage, which was amazing! You have to try it. After that she commenced to give me the longest and most incredible BJ I have ever had. Just when I could hardly take it any more, she asked if I wanted to finish in her mouth or in her. I said “In You,” she said good because I am so wet!
    She hopped on top and banged the crap out of me, then we switched to doggy, and I didn’t last too much longer, had a great orgasm.
    After all that we had some time left, so we went to the outdoor jacuzzi near the pool, and talked for about a half-hour. Sky is fun to talk to. She is smart and has had an interesting life. She can talk with you about just almost anything, and is a pure joy to be with.
    So I recommend Sky very highly: beauty, sexiness, great performance in bed, amazing personality.
    The Sky is not falling. I am falling… for Sky!


    Hoochie, thanks for the detailed report. I thought about Lovecraft, but the tattoos are a turn off.
    Must try Playland before I stop going t sheri’s

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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