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    Can some one tell me is there a place I can complain about the BR? I also have a app for my Iphone called Trakka it gives a list of adult places ie brothels strip clubs. It will be available to the US soon; it was created in Australia.


    We try very hard to not put down other ranches. It’s just not what we do. So I’m sorry but I don’t think there is any way we can help with this one. I read your other post with what Carressa said. To each their own I say. I met her and she seemed like a lovely girl. We just were not the right fit for her at this time and that’s ok. I still wish all the best to her.


    I hope my post did not come across the wrong way as I am looking for advice of what to do.



    Welcome to a long line of adventurers which found themselves unfulfilled and/or walking away with a nasty case of the red ass. You are a part of a not so small group that keeps growing. I have been a hobbyist for many years and having had the advantage of been a protege’ of a distinguished habitu√© of LPIN ( who began in the Conforte’ era), I was fortunate to have never made this grave error.

    I certainly understand why “ranchmama” would not engage in such a way. As a person involved in the industry it could be considered bad form. However, my province is quite different, so here goes.

    I believe and assume much of the problem resonates from Ranch Management, one person in particular who has a penchant for getting said mug in the media spotlight reportedly has much to do with it. When one mixes a certain level of a carnival barkers persona with a excessive dose of self importance/admiration/interest and absorption you get rather toxic results. As a corollary this organization does not respond well to criticism. As a matter of fact, I have heard as of late ( as a matter of hearsay ) this party actually called a former disgruntled patron at his home after reporting an unsatisfactory experience in a public forum. Let’s just say things went straight down hill after that, there is more to tell but I don’t have the time or inclination.

    My advise, chalk it up to experience, or inexperience if you might, and move forward. Little or nothing is to be gained looking backwards here. In situations of this nature I recall this old adage ” Never wrestle with a pig, you only get dirty and besides the pig likes it.” As I was told by my cicerone/mentor long ago, as it pertains to this establishment,”the finer players don’t even entertain the thought”.

    You have now been so advised.

    My best to you in your future endeavors.

    All The Best,

    Bret Maverick


    Bret you are right it is just me being stubborn. I will put it this way his loss is your gain. I be doing many more trips and here you have treated me with respect and I will give it back to you. I can not wait for my trip there.

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