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    I had sex for the first time at Sheri’s, and it should come as no surprise that it was a wonderful, complete experience.

    Question: The lady I was with was very supportive – starting off slow, and then increasing the enthusiasm as I became more accustomed. I’d like to thank her with a card (email is too clinical). Does (1) Sheri’s accept cards on behalf of the ladies and (2) if the lady isn’t at the ranch, does Sheri’s hold the card until she returns?

    Suggestion: The What Every LPIN (Legal Prostitution in Nevada) Newbie Client Should Know guide was enormously helpful. It covers the common sense things from hygiene through grooming up to things I hadn’t considered like filing your fingernails (I was grateful I did this beforehand when touching the very soft and sensitive areas of the lady I was with).

    One part that they may want to add from the client’s perspective is having the money saved up beforehand. Without discussing specific prices, I can safely say that time spent with the ladies is more expensive than dinner and a movie. And if you’re a worrier (like me), the last thing you need to do be doing during something as intimate as sex is worrying about how to pay for it. If you already have the money saved up (or are at least in the general neighborhood), then you can go in without worrying.


    hoochie coochie man

    Last month I sent a Christmas card to a Sheri’s lady that I had partied with a couple of months earlier, and yes she did get it. I timed it to arrive when she would be there (check their schedule under their profile on the Sheri’s web site.) I do not know if the office will hold the card if it arrives when the lady is not there, but I suspect they will.



    I am so glad that you enjoyed your time here…our ladies are amazing. Your suggestion about saving up money beforehand is nice also. It is never fun to be thinking about the money you have spent at all when trying to enjoy your time with your partner.

    Asking about whether or not the Ranch will hold a card for us until we arrive back here when we are away…the answer is Yes. Sometimes there are many things being held in Dena’s office though and if the girl doesn’t know to be looking for something she may not receive it right away so it is a good idea to track the item you may be sending and give her a heads up that she has something waiting for her.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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