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    Excuse me if I’m new to this. but I heard that most of the ladies don’t do kissing 🙁
    Is that true?


    My only experience was with three of the ladies. Two of the three did. However, all three were terrific beyond belief. If you make a good emotional connection, I really don’t think it matters.


    Excuse me if I’m new to this. but I heard that most of the ladies don’t do kissing 🙁
    Is that true?


    It varies from lady to lady and client to client. Inquire within, the better your hygiene the better you chances of getting greater mileage. This comes under the heading YMMV or Your Mileage May Vary. There is no uniform definition for this particular dynamic.

    My Best,




    Indeed, some ladies do, other don’t. Some of us quite like it. Best thing is for you to shoot an email to the ladies who catch your interest to ask them directly.



    “I don’t”, she said
    And heard his sigh.
    “I can’t enjoy without.”
    “Trust me,” her answer,
    And he did,
    despite his qualified doubt.

    Lips in places
    he only dreamed,
    nerves on fire
    he could not put out,
    and in the end,
    to seal the time
    the longed for kiss
    on the gentleman’s pout.

    Charina Lee

    Wow smoothtalker, that was amazing!


    Kissing is not as bad as many make it out to be. Many of the courtesans I see provide a glass of mouthwash which I am required to use while they watch (to be sure I am not spitting early and replacing with water, I guess) anyway this kills the mouth germs and allows for full mouth kissing (some even allow cunnilingus with this method).
    Most Courtesans that require me to use mouthwash also use the same product.

    I have been doing this for many years and have never gotten sick in any NV Brothel– this is some of the safest places to play!


    Mouthwash does not prevent the transmission of STDs.


    TRUE Pierced. but, how many STD’s are actually transmitted by mouth? While many choose to play it safe (and That is 100% fine) There are some that with a good exam (no warts or open sores, no puss or inflamed lips, no cuts or chapped lips you get the idea) are willing to take a small chance to increase pleasure both for customer and for themselves… I should note it took a few visits before my favorite lady agreed to open mouth kissing and unprotected cunnilingus.


    how many STD’s are actually transmitted by mouth?

    Most of them.


    Most ladies are more oncerned with contracting TB, strep throat, pnuemonia, flu, mono, and other various “icky” sicknesses. I have gone home 2 times now with pnuemonia from Sheri’s. So no kissing for me. Plus there are plenty of other places i’d rather put my mouth 🙂

    Amber Lynn

    Aside from “icky” sicknesses you are transmit HIV, Herpes, HPV Gonerrhea Syphillis and Hepatitis B via mouth! As stated early by Jazzmark007 as long as there is an emotional connection and chemistry you can be gaurenteed an amazing and mind blowing experience!

    Charina Lee

    Sadly so true….Even if there were no serious STD worries, when one is a professional sex worker, strep throat or pneumonia can send us home for way too long. So it’s a combination of the serious and the not so serious concerns. But for us, even the not so serious can become a very big deal if we can’t work!

    Hugs, Charina Lee

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