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    Kimmy D

    This week has been amazing here at Sheri’s! Having the chance to meet 3 of the forum folks in person was a great experience. Having only been at the ranch a few trips I am always excited to meet new people here, and I observed that all the ladies here enjoy the company of theses familiar faces.

    I really have to say that I enjoy the chat on here and when you finally get to meet someone face to face it is so much fun!

    We are happy to have such awesome supporters here at the Ranch, thanks Guys!

    Kisses from Kimmy!

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    It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know you. Funny, the time I found most endearing was the time we spent in the office as I was checking out. It was quite a glance into the woman in you and was truly thrilling, we have much in common.

    Hope to see you again on my next sojourn.

    All The Best,


    P.S. Let me know how the Spice and Nice works out!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eva M

    I couldn’t agree more with Kimmy! I had the great opportunity to team up with Smooth Talker for Wild Wednesday Scrabble and later enjoy a nice lunch date with Maverick. These gentleman are really great guys and having them treat us so nicely is always appreciated. I didn’t get the chance to chat as much as I would have liked with Firefighter since he’s such a popular guy but maybe next time 😉


    Dear Kimmy,
    It was great meeting you, Maverick, Smooth Talker, Erin, Scarlet, Emma, Tara Bell, Baby Doll, Isadora, Nadia, Hostesses Vicky, Tara and Shift Manager Trenda for the first time!
    On my next trip November 3-9, I’ll finally get the chance to meet Arianna, Tiffany Hilton and Southern Brothel Party organizer Sportsman too! BTW the Southern Brothel Party is scheduled for April 24-27, 2014.
    Kimmy, I hope to visit you again soon! I really enjoyed our special time spent together!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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