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    hoochie coochie man

    So a couple of weeks ago I was on a business trip out west, on the way back decided to divert to LV and make a trip to Sheri’s. I had an appointment with another lady, did a two-hour bungalow party with her, and it was wonderful. But when done, I had two hours before I had to leave for the LV airport. I decided I would rather spend that time at Sheri’s than in the airport.

    So I went to the bar, ordered a beverage. Many beautiful ladies, milling about. Brianna, Athena, Melissa Mariposa, Jupiter Jane, Adi, plus a few others. Sitting at the other end of the bar were three ladies, Chelsea, Michelle, and A.J. All looked good to me. Michelle got up and walked my direction, only to talk to another patron instead. Darn! Then a few minutes later I looked up to find A.J. had taken the seat next to me.

    Oh, she is so beautiful. Last year when at Sheri’s I was in the bar and was approached by another lady, who I did party with, but A.J. was walking around that night looking fabulous, and I had not forgot her. So anyway, A.J. is so easy to talk to, her Ukrainian accept is enticing. After a little while she invited me to her room.

    I told her I had a flight to catch so my time was limited, she proposed a 30-minute party at a reasonable price, to which I quickly agreed. After making payment and returning to her room, her dress came off and she lay next to me on the bed. OMG! What a beautiful body. She straddled me and let me suck on her beautiful, all natural breasts for a little while. Then she put protection on me and gave me one hell of a blow job. Next she hops back on top and starts pumping away at me like nobody’s business. I was trying to talk to her while she was on top, but when she leaned forward and started biting my ear while pumping away with her hips, I lost all concentration, and almost lost my load. After a few minutes of this, I rolled her over, got on top, and pounded her into the mattress until I was done.

    WOW! Not a long party, but a great one. I asked A.J. if I come back and book a longer party with her, will she treat me right? With a twinkle in her eye, she just said “You treat me right, and I will treat you right!” So I cannot wait to get back to Sheri’s and party with A.J. again, a much longer party. Guys, this girl knows how to “treat you right”!


    Did not think about AJ, but that sounds like a great short part, hoochie

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