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    Hi all,

    So I’m a newb looking to cash his v-card. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on if I should try to schedule someone who caught my interest on the site or just go into the bar and wing it.

    Or is there someone in particular that I should be on the lookout for (I’ll be down there between the 22nd and the 24th).

    Any info is appreciated.


    You can search on the thread about losing your virginity. Have you looked for whch ladies are available on your dates from the search ladies pages, and check if they cater to virgins?


    Thanks for the reply Flint.

    I searched the site and saw a few ladies that cater to virgins.

    I saw one that caught my eye in particular, but she arrives on the 23rd, but I’m worried since I’ve read that the ladies only really get their e-mail while at the ranch, and I would hate to schedule time with her and then find out we don’t click. Then I will have wasted time for both of us.

    I read Charina Lee’s blog post regarding virgins, but unfortunately she will not be available when I’m in town. That was the reason I was asking if anyone had any suggestions.

    Again thanks for any info.


    Are any of the ladies that appeal to you and are at the Ranch now through your visiting interval? You can email them now. Without knowing what lady or type of lady excites you, I would prefer not to recommend anyone, yet.



    You might peruse a Courtesan’s Reviews on her Official Page. I recommend communicating with at least a couple Courtesans that tickle your fancy by Sheri’s Message (on the Courtesan’s Official Page but a Lady must physically be at the Brothel to respond) or twitter. Twitter Ladies @SherisBrothel http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/the-ladies-of-sherisbrothel/

    I recommend that you read a couple of threads since you’re a newbie.
    Dex’s Newbies Guide http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/dexs-newbies-guide/
    What Every LPIN (Legal Prostitution in Nevada) Newbie Client Should Know http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/what-every-lpin-legal-prostitution-in-nevada-newbie-should-know/

    It’s difficult for another client to recommend a Lady, because we all have our idea of the perfect woman that appeals to each of us individually. However, I checked the schedule of Courtesans that are appearing February 22 to 24 and I have some recommendations. I can only recommend Ladies with whom I’ve partied, so if I don’t mention a Lady it doesn’t mean that she’s not suitable. It only means that I haven’t had the pleasure of spending special intimate time together with those Ladies! I’ve had excellent parties with Brittney Ryder, Char, Erin, Fabienne, Karli Brooks, Montana, Olivia, and Suzanne. Furthermore, I’ve had conversations with the remainder of the following Ladies; they are all very nice and I’m relatively certain they would more than satisfy your lustful desires.

    28 Sheri’s Ladies are scheduled 2/22 to 2/24, 2016 (There are only 24 rooms so some of these Ladies will apparently be coming and going on 2/23). They all cater to virgins too! I’ve found that most Courtesans like virgins because they have the opportunity to teach an innocent man how to make love.
    Andrea Raquel
    Angel Parr
    Brittney Ryder
    Diana Rose
    Erin O’Hara
    Karli Brooks
    Kitty Cat
    Tessa Rae


    If it shows she arrives on the 23 she will actually be there in the morning of the 22 if not late on the 21. I would check if she has a Twitter account because sometimes you can contact them that way. If you find someone that catches your eye go ahead and set something up. Worst case is yes you both lose a little time and it won’t be the last time that happens in either of your lives. Best case is you really click.


    Thanks for the responses.

    Firefighter your response really helped with narrowing my search a bit. Also, thank you I have read both of those posts (help to establish firmly Sheri’s over the other options I was looking at (chicken, cat, escort etc.).

    Flint, a couple ladies will be arriving the week before so I’ll try to email them.

    Maybe you’re right Helexan, maybe I should just set an appointment and hope for the best.

    I really appreciate your responses, it help alleviate some of the nervousness I’m felling. Being able to draw on the board’s wisdom is a big help in this.


    as usual firefighter supplies more complete information, and is much less terse. I know this is a nerve racking experience, but try to enjoy all of it.



    Clients routinely make blind appointments and most of the time they turn out very well. If a client is stimulated sufficiently from a Courtesan’s Profile page photos, bio, preferences, statistics and reviews, animal lust may be sufficient to have an excellent party. However, I prefer most of the time to meet a Lady in person in the bar to determine if we make a connection or instill romantic chemistry. Courtesans are not unlike other women, since they enjoy being romanced too.

    You’ll only be at the brothel for 3 days, so if you’re really impressed with a Courtesan’s Profile page and email or twitter messages, you may not want to lose a chance to spend time with her. In that case, you may want to make an appointment. Sheri’s Ranch does not require a deposit for an appointment like most other brothels, and it’s essentially a good faith agreement. That is, if when you arrive you find that you and the Courtesan don’t click or you fail to negotiate, you’re not committed to party with her.

    BTW, if a client discovers that they’ll miss their appointment, it’s expected that they’ll telephone the office well in advance to cancel; otherwise, a Courtesan may miss another party while waiting for her delayed client to arrive.

    Instead of an appointment, you may select another Courtesan and converse with her in the bar prior to adjourning to her room for negotiations.

    Sheri’s Ranch offers lineups by request only because most clients prefer to meet the Courtesans in the bar or request a specific Lady from the Hostess. Also, lineups are conducted in the Parlor and most clients enter through the restaurant and bar door. A client may only view the pretty Courtesan packages in a lineup because they haven’t had the benefit of conversation at that point.

    You mentioned nervousness but that will usually not be a problem once you engage in respectfully flirtatious conversation. If you find that you’re still nervous, relate that to your Courtesan because they’re masters at calming a client. Regardless if you’re nervous or not, it’s wise to avoid liquid courage. Liquor desensitizes the body which is in direct conflict with a client’s objective because they desire to feel sexual contact to the utmost. Also, beer, wine and distilled spirits contribute to erectile dysfunction problems. Alcohol can totally ruin a party, so it’s better to have a drink afterward.

    hoochie coochie man

    I think reservations are good if you have met the lady in person before and you know you want to party with her. Otherwise it’s best to just go to the bar and “shop around.” A couple of times I made a “sight unseen” reservation. One turned out good, one not so good. So now I just go to the bar and talk to several of the ladies. Look at the web site first for the ladies that will be there on the day of your trip and get an idea of who you might be interested in, but still reserve a decision until you are there and meet a few. I remember going there once and had a few ladies in mind who really appealed to me, based on their profiles. But when I met one of them in the bar, I knew immediately she was not for me. Yes she was friendly and very attractive, but after just a few minutes of conversation I knew she was not the one. Another time I went to the bar, again with a few ladies at the top of my list, but alas none of them were available right then. A lady sitting at the other end of the bar approached me. I had seen her on the web site but for whatever reason was not too interested in her based on her profile. But when she sat down next to me and we started talking, we clicked instantly, she eventually took me to her room and talked me into a bungalow party, and it was just about the most fabulous two hours of my life. So you never know!


    I think reservations are a good idea. I do not have the patience, once at thr Ranch to sit and talk with ladies for an extended total period of time.
    firefighter whst is the state of the air quality in the bar, as I should avoid second hand smoke?



    Madam Dena said that the Valley Inn Lounge at Sheri’s Ranch had a new more efficient air exchange system installed, so the air quality should be acceptable. However, once the bar crowd arrives on Friday and Saturday nights it can still become untenable at times. The Valley Inn Lounge is frequented by the local crowd for food and drinks but they rarely party. During the weekdays between 11 am and 5 pm the air quality is usually very good. The first shift of Ladies aren’t normally in the bar until slightly before lunch.


    What I did was contact a few courtesans via email, (you could also direct message them via twitter as well), and through a series of emails over a month or two I made a connection wit a particular courtesan and made an appointment beforehand and when I arrived at the Ranch, I was not that nervous because I was meeting someone I felt I already knew and it made the whole experience fantastic. I would highly recommend the e-mail/twitter approach before your visit.


    I have try to establish a rapport via email ahead of time.
    firefighter I usual visit the Ranch maybe 6-8 pm between Wednesday and Saturday. it sounds like I should avoid Friday and saturday if I were to sit and chat with the aldies for an extended period of time?


    Hi will!
    Everyone has given great suggestions of how to go about picking a lovely lady. I would definitely recommend emailing a few ladies to try and makes a connection before you get to the ranch. However, if that doesn’t work you are more than welcome to come relax in the bar and meet a few ladies ☺ No matter which way you choose, you will have a great time at thee ranch 😆


    I really want to thank all of you for the responses again, this is starting to calm a few of my fears, and making me look forward to my time there (although I hope my eyes aren’t bigger than my wallet).

    Based on the overall advice I’ve been receiving I will try to e-mail a couple of the ladies that caught my eye. Since I don’t have twitter I’ll have to take my chances with their e-mails on the site. If i don’t make a connection I’ll take my chances at the bar.

    Another question, how far out should I make the appointment if I find any connection?

    Thanks again everyone.


    Remember that the ladies can only answer email while at the Ranch, and some are better than others in responding “in a timely manner”.
    I have made appointments in the one to two week out range, which you are in.


    The other thing is make sure to send the appointment request to both the lady herself and the house. I have heard of times when the lady will get an appointment at one time and the house get a different appointment at the same time.

    Angel Parr

    Most of the ladies here cater to virgin, myself included, and will be happy to pop your cherry lol. You don’t need to setup an appointment and in my opinion you really shouldn’t unless you can talk with the lady first. You don’t know by a photo if you will like the ladies personality or not, and that is going to be very important for you. When you get here you will more than likely be nervous as all heck so you’ll need a lady that can help you be calm, relax and enjoy yourself. If you can’t talk with the lady prior to coming then I would suggest that you partake in the speed date in the bar instead, this way you’ll get to talk with all of us and find the girl that’s just right for you.


    I just wanted to thank everyone again for the helpful advice I received here. I think it made my experience at Sheri’s that much better.

    I’m happy to say my v-card was punched.

    Thank you all again.

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