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    Michael K

    This is my first time posting on this forum and well, the first time I’ve actually ever made a decision to go to a place like Sheri’s Ranch with all of the absolutely gorgeous women there! I know I (like many others) had a very inaccurate impression of brothels/courtesans, in my case because I didn’t do my research and had um… Parental influences. And then when I decided to go to Vegas for a couplea reasons, I was checking out what I should do for a day before meeting a friend and well, Sheri’s came up and I was intrigued and now I’m planning on making my first trip to Sheri’s Ranch upcoming in wow… Only two weeks?

    Cue nerves….. Now. Okay, nerves have hit because as I’m sure you’ve been able to guess, this is going to be my first time doing anything like this and while this trip isn’t going to be anything major (It’s going to be VERY special, I have no doubt, and a memory I’m not going to want to forget, ever) And what this means is that I have a couple questions that pertain to this trip as well as possibly a future trip that I’m HOPING to have, but again, not sure how it all works!

    So here goes:

    I know I’m flying into Vegas early morning, but when would the best time be to show up? This itself has a couple of intermediate questions, such as well, if I make an appointment with one of the wonderful ladies, is there a ‘good’ time to set the appointment for? Or should I contact them to find when a good time is? I know I have all day! And if I don’t make a reservation, is there a time in which it would be better to show up?

    But this is a question for a future trip to Sheri’s Ranch… If I were to arrange a GFE, would there be any way to experience what my personal fantasy would be… Taking an amazingly beautiful lady to Vegas itself for a Las Vegas Golden Knights game? (I’m a Sharks fan, but Vegas is a wonderful middle ground!) I figure here’s probably the best place to ask!

    And, um… Well, *sigh* I know this doesn’t make me look like I’m nervous or anything, but since this is…. Yes, I think it’s the third time I’ve deleted and restarted typing this, Yeah.. But I might have an idea of who I’d want to meet in particular, but I don’t think I could go wrong with anyone!

    Any advice would help!



    being nervous is understandable.
    IMO, it is better to email or tweet the ladies of your choice to discuss what you are looking for in your party(activities, duration, etc). Unless you are really early am to maybe post dawn, there will be someone available.


    hoochie coochie man

    You can make an appointment for any time, even early morning. Just email the lady or ladies you like, choose one, and agree on a time. They will prepare and be ready for you, even if it is early morning.

    GFE date, no you cannot take the lady into Vegas, or anywhere else. The ladies are not allowed to leave the premises.

    If you don’t make an appointment, what time to show up? As I understand it, the ladies are assigned to either the day shift, which I believe runs from 5am to 5pm, or the night shift, 5pm to 5am. However, the few times I have been there, you won’t find many ladies hanging around the bar before noon. You can show up anytime and ask for a line-up, but if you want to just mingle in the bar and choose a lady that way, I would say mid-afternoon to about midnight, you should have plenty to choose from.


    Michael K

    Thank you both for the rapid responses, they really did help put me at ease (a bit) and answered my questions thus far! It really is a pity I can’t take them to a game, but that just goes back on my bucket list!

    But yet comes another question, and I do apologize for asking these questions (however, the only stupid question is the one not asked, right?), but if I brought a gift for a lady of choice, would it be poor taste to personalize it, or should it be generic? I know I’m one to make memories and like to make impressions on other people, but I really don’t want to come across as creepy.. So, once again asking for advice!



    probably generic is better, but ask the lady what she prefers without mentioning the exact gift.

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