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    For many months I had an active and incredibly enjoyable experience with the ladies at Sheri’s, both on the Forum and on Twitter. Two months ago I was the victim of a very sophisticated identity theft scheme. This person, using my cell phone told the people at Sheri’s that I had a leg amputated, that I had died and even communicated with one of the ladies by telephone. I finally recovered my phone and was even able to have this person jailed. That was the easy part. The havoc this person has caused in my life seems never-ending. But one of the hardest problems to solve has been repairing my relationships at the Ranch. Several of the ladies no longer return my Tweets or e-mails and I certainly understand their abundance of caution. I guess I’m asking for advice on how to repair these relationships. Certainly, I wouldn’t try to force anyone to do something they wouldn’t be comfortable with. The easiest way to solve this would be to make a trip to the Ranch but this is something I won’t be able to do for several months. So, I guess I’m just stuck in limbo. Any ideas anyone?



    Was it another client patron that stole your cellphone?
    I seem to recall seeing a post concerning your reported death and I thought it to be true too. I’m happy to hear that you are alive and I hope you resolve this despicable situation pronto.
    I would contact Dena Duff at dduff@sherisranch.com or (866) 820-9100 and have her communicate your dilemma to the entire staff including all Courtesans. A telephone call would probably be more personal and appropriate since she would perceive your sincerity. I’m sure they’ll understand you are the victim of another person’s identity theft crime and will sympathize with you since this could happen to any innocent person. You are certainly not to blame in any manner.
    Best Regards, Firefighter



    Dude I know what your going through I had a similar yet limited problem with identity theft years and years ago ( before the internet was even a consideration.). The truth is it takes time and effort what it takes differs from situation to situation there is no universal pat answer. Perhaps the route FF suggested might be helpful.

    As far as issues outside the ranch I can tell you this with much confidence. Its not going to go away easy and will probably take A LOT of time. The issues that plagued me still endure in the back of my mind. In my particular situation I have reams of paperwork and a small legal team ( Lead by one of my best friends) on the ready to knock any roadblock or impediment the hell out of my way. Over the years this problem has reared its ugly head more than once, which is why I have developed the practices and procedures I have. Now if and when it comes around its more of a minor annoyance than anything else but overall its not a brief process. The best advise I can offer you is “paper your file” you said you had this person jailed…good….can you get any paperwork on this incident. Documents, documents, documents. You haven’t tipped your hand as to how this problem has effected you beyond the walls of the ranch but tangible evidence goes a long way particularly if this rears its head again in 5, 10, 20 years. You truly need to think long term on this. In addition, don’t count out the possibility of this happening again ( Yep, it happened to me 3 more times). If the root cause of your predicament was based off of the loss/theft of your cell phone the chance of this coming around again is slim, this was not at all similar to my case.

    Please use this as a lesson and a precautionary tale as to how and who you release personal information to/about. The information age has lead most of us to thoughtlessly reveal almost anything about our identity…..not a good thing.

    Good Luck,



    Holy shit, Jazz, so that’s what happened? I can’t believe it, that’s just terrible. Well it is certainly good to know you are, in fact, alive. I bet the only reason ladies aren’t back in your corner is because they do not know what happened, it doesn’t seem like the forums get frequented all that much. I second the idea of a phone call to Dena, she’ll help get you all sorted out I’m sure.

    I just tried to re-follow you on twitter and it says I’ve been block from following you. Could it be that whoever did this to you blocked everyone who had been following you so that ladies are unable to re-follow?

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