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    I am a mid twenties virgin that is thinking of coming to the ranch to lose it. it I had a few questions though as I have no idea how this works.
    I am traveling to Vegas at the end of July and hope to visit for my birthday on the 1st of August. I saw that you have a free pick up and drop off service and I was wondering if that goes to Vegas for free or if there is a charge? I saw that Vegas was about an hour away and I can’t imagine an hour long limo ride being free but I thought I’d ask just in case.
    Also, I was looking into some of the other ranchs in Nevada and some of them have advertised discounts for it being your birthday, or if you are there to lose your virginity. As I will be hoping to do both I was wondering if those kind of discounts are offered on your ranch or is that something I would have to discuss with the girl I choose?
    One last question…
    As I have never been to one of these places I was wondering on what the rules are on bringing toys and also are there accessories (comdoms, lube, etc.) on site or do I need to bring my own?
    Thank you.


    Welcome Oregonluv! You are welcome to bring whatever you would like. We provide condoms, lube, etc…As far as toys if you want to bring something for you to play with feel free and if you are planning for a lady to use it I would make sure its new and still in packaging. For a special event a lot of our ladies would love to give you a good time and will work with you. We do have the limo service that will pick you up from Vegas, tips are appreciated for the driver, if you are able to rent a car and drive out the drive is beautiful and we have a hotel for you to stay overnight if you dont feel like driving back that night. You can always email ladies too to see if they can work with you for your special day. Enjoy!


    I came to the Ranch a virgin, spent three days and left definitely no longer a virgin. Had a great experience. The ladies are really, really accommodating . Highly recommend you e- mail the ones that interest you most. That way you can build a “relationship”before you meet the lady face-to-face. BTW, their pics really do lie. They all look much better in person than on a computer screen. Must be that 3-D thing.

    Eva M

    Hola Oregonluv26, you’ve asked some really good questions. When you come to Sheri’s for the first time you can expect the ladies to be friendly and beautiful. How you get to the ranch is up to you. We have a complimentary limo that can pick you up and take you back to Vegas or you can drive yourself and enjoy taking your time without having a limo driver waiting for you to finish your party.

    All the ladies are independent contractors and I’m sure will be willing to give you a party you can afford and will never forget 😉 As for bringing a toy, I think that’s a great idea! A little something to help get things started is always nice. Just make sure it’s new and in it’s original package. Everything else can and will be provided by the lady of your choice once you’re ready to have a good time.

    To help put you at ease, read my thread on”Virgins Welcomed”. I’m looking forward to meeting you on your trip to Sheri’s in just a few weeks!



    As both of the ladies have delineated the ranch does provide an in-house limo service that is indeed complimentary. However, do not assume complimentary means free…..it doesn’t. This is something the ladies, I presume, are forbidden to speak of, should you choose the limo option the cost and burden of its complimentary status is placed on the lady of your desire. As a result you can expect an approximate 33% premium on top of what you might typically negotiate a party for. As a longtime LPIN habitué I know most of the ins and outs of the business and this is one of the details that needs to be declared to the neophyte. My advise, rent a car its a great drive and you can move about town freely as well. If you plan to indulge in libations at the ranch and then leave before one could become sober the limo maybe a good option for you. If your a dry player give it some thought, if you do take the limo I hope you get Warren as a driver, he’s a great guy. He’s got a killer New Yawk accent and he’s a hoot.

    Now that you know the truth move forward and have a good time.

    Keeping it real and …..

    My Best,

    Bret Maverick


    Hey Oregon Man…
    Wise words (as always) from Maverick. All things considered, renting a car is the best idea. And if you’re not able to drive back to Vegas due to a lack of sobriety, the Ranch has hotel accommodations.
    I’ve been known to serve as a wingman for newbies from time-to-time… more so when I lived in Vegas… but as it happens it looks like I’ll be a day too early for that. I’ll be there Wednesday evening (the 31st), but probably gone on the 1st. I’ll keep looking here to see what’s going on.
    Happy hunting!

    Charina Lee

    I’m getting sooooooo excited at all this virgin talk!!!!!



    Reminds me of the scene in Almost Famous!


    How many ladies had deflowered virgins in their time at the Ranch?

    Charina Lee

    I have had that opportunity more times than I ever thought I would! And it’s a truly wonderful experience!!!!

    Eva M

    I’ve had a few first timers


    I agree with Charina. I wasn’t expecting to meet so many virgins, but it’s always great.

    Another option, if you want to drive yourself but also want to drink, is out Hotel. 🙂


    And then you can have breakfast in bed, followed by dessert in your lady’s bed 😀

    Charina Lee

    Emma and Jolene are RIGHT!!!!


    Now that is something I did not think of. Breakfast in bed followed by morning sex.

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