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    I will get started. With only a little thought, Erin, Brittany Ryder, Red


    Hmmm, was trying to think of someone but I’m so lucky and have partied with all the ladies I’ve wanted too. Someone I haven’t partied with in a long time and would love to sometime real soon, ALLISSA!!!!! We have too much fun together, I miss you Ali!!

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    For me I’ve never partied with any of the lovely ladies but me top three are (in no particular order) Brittany Rider, Athena, and Erin
    The guy that generally knows everything


    I should have mention that ladies can chime in as well(just as Cassie has).


    I have not yet had the good fortune to visit, and there seem to be many but in no particular order – Eva, Olivia, Riley, and Tatyana are the ladies I am most hoping will be there when I finally visit 🙂

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    I can think of at least 5, their names begin with:


    How is that for a little Mystery?!?

    Anyone want to venture guesses?

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    Stripe- here are my guesses:

    C= Char( 1st guess, second guess is Cassie)

    D= Destini

    M= Montana


    R= Riley


    S for Sasha? Destini and Riley make sense for a two girl party. They could be on my list.


    Well, between J78 and Flint, you nailed the list. Although Chloe would be a 2nd C and Mandi would be a 2nd M. Not sure what happened to Chloe and Mandi as I don’t see them as scheduled any more.

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    I love making it to these types of lists!!

    And I have to say, I have partied with many of our lovely ladies and find many of our new ladies rather tempting at this time…

    So whom I would like to party with? Anyone adventurous enough to take on myself and a few of our other lovely ladies all at the same time!


    No current lists, Montana?


    I can tell you that Montana has wonderful taste and always has fun when it’s three. I’ve had a couple parties with her and other in the bungalows and every time I walked away with a big smile. Can’t wait to do it again.

    I have to say on my list would be the following at the moment.

    Any lady I meet in the bar and we hit it off.


    Awwww! Cassie Bo I miss you!!! We do need to get naked together soon! So sad you we can’t celebrate our birthdays together 🙁


    I guess I have work, as a V-Card holder, to do.

    Without looking… Allissa, Olivia, CiCi, Riley, Eva, Gigi, Myssi, Sasha, Karli, Julia, Kim, and Amber. To be honest, there’s probably several more. There’s so much beauty, it’s hard to know where to start.


    In no particular order…
    Montana, Erin, Athena, Eva Morales, Charina Lee, Violet, Trina Diamond, Myssi Jane, Sasha and Kim

    Note to self… make sure to buy hospital-grade heart defibrulator before next Vegas vacation, you’re surely going to need it 😛


    So many ladies to choose from. Lol


    I will be making my second visit to the Ranch in November. I will be partying with Char, Amber Lynn & Eva. I would also like to party with Brittney, Allissa , Olivia, Mandi Love & Cici to name a few. Time & my budget will limit me to one or maybe 2 more ladies other than the parties I have already booked. I hope I survive my trip to the Ranch hehe.

    Willie A

    All of them aw hell better just go and have one big party.


    For me, the current list of ladies, not counting my ‘infinitely repeatable’ list, stands thus:

    Emma: this sweet Aussie is as down-to-earth and genuinely fun as they come. She is definitely not one to pass up so if you don’t see her actively engaged with another person, definitely approach or ask the hostess to speak to her. I have friends who praise her parties highly and I intend to find out first hand.

    Juna: an amazingly talented, intelligent and well-spoken woman. Strong and beautiful inside and out. Yet, her manner is gentle and oh-so-sexy. Just talking with her was intoxicating. I cannot imagine how mind blowing it will be with her.

    Violet: I happened to see her from across the bar during her first trip at Sheri’s and was captivated by her beauty. Her smile was like a hook sunk deep in my brain holding my attention captive. Then, she wrote the blog about the girl next door and I felt my heart vibrate with desire. She described the exact feeling I had for my first childhood crush perfectly. Maybe our party will feel like that long lost memory.

    Destini: This woman has spent countless hours with me drinking, talking and laughing in the bar. Over shared dinners, over drinks and endless topics, she has impressed me with her sweet, generous and nurturing nature. And beneath, there is a smoldering passion that promises bliss like I’ve never felt before….. what am I waiting for?

    Trina Diamond: I saw her briefly in the bar. Stunngingly beautiful in person. When a girl’s smile makes your heart stutter, you know you need to pay attention….

    Cassie: this little firecracker is amazing. Every banter we’ve had is like the shenanigans with your schoolyard crush. Looking forward to a very energetic time with this minx…possibly with her much-deserved spanking.

    Mandi Love: sweet, sexy and sassy. This girl is as debonair as they come and twice as seductive. Just drinking in the sight of her is enough to remind you why it’s good to be alive.

    Izabella: irreplaceably cute, creative and fun. I don’t know about others but she and I have built a fun, friendly rapport. She is that sexy friend you’ve always wanted to cross the line with.

    Char: This woman is all class. I have seen how she treats everyone (clients, coworkers, staff, vendors). This is the embodiment of why courtesans are to be respected, cherished and honored. Her beauty is unending and her personality sparkles. Maybe someday, I’ll be ready…

    *these are in no particular rank or order. I just had to start somewhere.*


    Thanks cronos. So many ladies too little time and funds…

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