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    Amber Lynn

    At some point in our life we have all been envious of super heroes and the super powers they possess. If you could could be any super hero/heroine…in some cases villain…who would you be and why?

    In my opinion Wonder Woman is FABULOUS! She one of the strongest beings alive. Heck, the woman can fly, communicate with animals, and has an incredible arsenal including; a sword, ax, bow and arrow, and a magical “truth” lasso. But wait there is more, not only is Wonder Woman a highly skilled tactician and diplomat the chic is practically invisible, coupled with her super strength vision and hearing capabilities she is a force to be reckoned with. Wonder Woman is unstoppable, she has it all…smarts, sex appeal and an amazing stockpile of super powers! I would love to have these power for if only for one day!

    Your turn…


    wait one; wonder women could not fly, she had an invisible airplane.

    ok growing up I always wanted to be Aqua man. not only could he breath in and out of the water but he could communicate with ever sea creature.


    Wolverine…the self healing part itself just does it for me 🙂

    The “other part” of me would be Cyclops LOL


    Okay, now for the twist; If I had a chance to bang a super hero who would you choose? for me its Cat women all the way… the flexibility she has would make me happy!

    Kimmy D

    This post took some deep though and I still can not say hands down my ONE single favorite. (I love Super-Heroes)
    For the sake of this blog post I have chosen Elektra, pretty much because she is an all around Bad-A$$!! While Elektra is not as widely know as some of the more recent heroines appearing in the stream of Marvel movies, she is more than noteworthy.
    Elektra is a NINJA. As if that is not enough she carries Sai, or daggers. She is somewhat telepathic and she can move in the shadows and even in daylight virtually unseen. By the time you see her it’s too late! (if you haven’t seen the movie WATCH IT) She is literally mesmerizing!
    Plus she has similar taste in men, namely Wolverine.

    At the risk of taking this too far, I am so excited to see how the new SHIELD tv series turns out! I do hope to see my girl Elektra in it. If you plan on attending the Halloween Party this year at Sheri’s You just may get the chance to meet her!!

    XOXO Kimmy D

    Charina Lee

    I think I could be an awesome cat woman! But I’d like to take the plunge with bat girl just one time!!!! Hmmmmm?

    Mr. Incredible

    Being in Nevada close to Vegas I’d go for Gambit, possesses the ability to mentally create, control and manipulate pure kinetic energy to his every whim and desire. He is also incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in card-throwing, hand-to-hand combat, and the use of a Bō. I enjoy playing poker too as I’m sure Gambit did as well.


    Interesting thought there Mr. Incredible, when in Vegas I think I might just want to be the invisible man. just think about everything you could do….


    Dear Amber, Kimmy & Charina,
    I’d like to be Spock. The Vulcan mind meld would enable us to share one another’s thoughts while physically joined making love. In that way we could ultimately satisfy each other with lasciviously pleasure since we could sense our lover’s most intimate desires. We could bestow upon each other climactic lovemaking in a hedonistic journey to the planet Vulcan’s Utopian Pleasure Palace thereby transcending Nirvana. In addition, the transporter unit would facilitate instantaneous travel to romantic locations. I could be in your rooms within seconds ready to embark on erotic adventures to exotic places. Peer under your beds, I may be there right now, lol! We could spend the night wherever you like on a whim, and nobody would have any idea of our scheme. Invisibility isn’t necessary if one possesses a speed of light transporter unit.


    Charina Lee

    You know firefighter HAS to be a wonderful lover. His mind is what it takes to write sexy novels, love stories and erotic adventures! VERY IMPRESSIVE!


    Rogue from Xmen, she is hot and her parents were hippies 🙂


    The vampire Lestat from Anne Rice’s book The Queen of the Damned, after he hooked up with the Queen and drank her blood. Besides being immortal already (and all the other vampire goodies like super speed, enhanced senses, etc.) he could survive the full sun in the Sahara for a day, fly, and burn people/vampires with his mind. He was also full of so much passion and rage, a sexy beast, such an incredible character. None of the movies ever did him justice.

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    Captain America! 1) he cant get drunk 2) he is super strong 3) he heals quickly 4) what girl would not like to bed Captain America?



    Here is why: When even the Gods (Thor and all of Asgard) are afraid of Hulk, there is nothing stronger that can defeat him in the universe.

    When Hulk is angry, you don’t flee the city, the state or the country, you get the Fu__ out of the planet. Because he will jump around to get to you and beat the shit out of you.


    A true born Superhero. Clark Kent is his mask to hide his true identity.


    Snake Eyes. The ultimate G.I. Joe and ninja.


    there are lots to chose from I would have to say Dr Fate because he is a lord of order of mabe one I am going to try to do the Green Hornet


    No quest between his power and ethics, Superman.


    It would have to be Thor. He’s strong, full of compassion and arrogance. He’s a walking mix of magic and science with all the endless possibilities that brings. Lets face it, wouldn’t you want to be a dreamy blond god?

    Batman. He doesn’t have any super power and yet he can kick the shit out of anyone on the justice league. He can find a way to defeat any enemy. All without using a gun and just enough crazy to be kinda cool.


    For me it’s Spiderman. Spinning and swinging from web to web is great transportation and the ability to scale the outside of buildings no sweat is SWEEEET!

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