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Nevada Brothels and Discretion

Everyone has three different lives: public, private, and secret. Most people don’t want to share their private life…if they shared it, it wouldn’t be private. So there are a few privileged relationships where you can find true confidentiality: doctors, lawyers, priests, trusted loved ones, and sex workers. Not only is your private life safe with a sex worker, but your secret life is too.

People who haven’t been to Nevada brothels wonder how much of themselves they will have to reveal when they visit. Will anyone find out I went there? Will my credit card statement say SEX on it? Will the receipt be itemized: BLOW JOB, STRIP TEASE, CUDDLING, 12 DIFFERENT POSITIONS. Do I have to show my ID or give my real name? Concerns about anonymity make people a little wary and it is my job, and everyone who works at the legal bordello, to protect your privacy with carefulness, caution, tact, and delicacy.

Sheri’s, the brothel I work at, is at the end of a road in the Mojave, the only neighbors are Joshua Trees, so you don’t have to sneak in with your jacket over your head in the middle of the night. If you use a credit card, you show your ID to the cashier only. The credit card statement does not have the word SHERI’S or BROTHEL on it, and it is NOT itemized. The only way anyone could find out is if you write about it in your diary, and everyone knows that people who read diaries get what they deserve.

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Sheri’s is a place you can come and forget everything about yourself if you want. Or it can be a place, like a confessional, where you let everything out. You can tell me as much or as little about yourself as you wish. You can be whomever you want with me. If you want your name to be Jondalar the Caveman from the Steppes of Russian, fine. I will accept whatever story you choose to tell.

The reality is that in this context the non-essential information about a person gets stripped away, and although I am interested in YOU, the details of your life really are not that important. And neither are the details of mine. I want this to be an anonymous experience for myself and I assume that you will want the same. What happens between us belongs to us and no one else.

The secret starts the first time you email me, or the first time we see each other in the bar, or when I walk down the hall and see you for the first time sitting in the parlor waiting for me. This mutual anonymity gives both of us the freedom to do whatever, and be whomever, we want. Anything we both agree on can happen. You can open up as much as you want sexually and personally. Or you can keep it relatively clinical. It’s up to you. The thing you can count on from me is: your privacy is safe. I don’t have to know the fist thing about your life outside.

Once we get to the bedroom, if you want to dress up like Tony the Tiger, please do. I won’t tell anyone.

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