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My First Time as a Legal Prostitute

For the first time in my life, I’m going to fly into Las Vegas and begin my journey as a legal prostitute in a Nevada brothel. As I prepare for my trip, I can’t stop thinking about all of the other first times that were so pivotal in my sexual development – and how these experiences shaped my obsession not only with brute sexuality but also with tender intimacy. These watershed moments unleashed something deep inside me and helped me decide to dedicate my life to adult entertainment.

I wanted to share some of these naughty moments with you. Please feel free to join the conversation and comment on the first times that shaped your sexual identity.

My first kiss

My best friend and I loved playing around doing just about anything. One day we decided to play “make-out” in my basement when we were 11 and I finally got my first kiss. She was a good kisser and after we kissed for the game we decided to rub each other under our shirts a little too. We both felt so good doing it that the next weekend we decided to go camping in the backyard. We laid in the hammock for over an hour playing “tent” and rubbing each other outside of our panties. I got so wet and I had no idea why I felt that way – but it was amazing!

My first boyfriend

I finally kissed a boy a year later when I was 12 and instantly felt a craving inside that I had never felt before. I kissed him every day that I went out to our barn to ride my horse, and we laid in the hay and he wasn’t afraid to go under my panties. I finally got to feel his fingers inside me as we kissed and I came for my very first time. It was incredible.

My first oral sex experience

I went camping with a few girlfriends the next summer when I was 13. We were on the edge of the lake when we spotted two hot boys camping across the road. We spent all day giggling and checking out their bodies, and finally at night we invited them over to make s’mores by the fire. The guys knew we were young and kept joking about their ages saying 18, then 16, and never telling us the truth. We all brought our sleeping bags out to the dock and all of my friends fell asleep, except me and one guy who made his way into my sleeping bag. We started kissing, and he kissed every inch of my body, further and further down. Then, he licked my thighs and pulled my panties into a bunch and licked so close. So close. He finally came back up, looked deep in my eyes and said, “If I wanted to have sex with you but I don’t have a condom…would you say no?” I just laid there as horny as I could be and thought about it. I wanted it bad. I said, “I would let you if you wanted it.” He asked me if I would give him a blowjob. I told him I didn’t know how. He laughed a little and said, “Just don’t bite!” I was so excited to try; I went down in the sleeping bag, pulled it out and put it deep in my mouth. After a few minutes of trying to make sure my teeth didn’t touch I tasted something different…Then I came up and looked at his face and he was smiling so big. He said, “Can you do it again?” I smiled and knew I had done something right. I went back down and did the exact same thing again! He loved it and left me there feeling exhilarated that night under the stars. I couldn’t stop smiling. It changed my life.

My first time having sex

I quickly got another boyfriend as the summer ended and I turned 14. We dated for 3 months and thought we were in love and ready for sex. I still have no clue what love really is…even couples that have been together 50 years don’t seem in love at times. Love is confusing and I think that when the time is right…will come into play in my life. Right now all I have on the brain is sex and love is nowhere near my thoughts so I am riding this wave until it changes direction! I lost my virginity on a couch in his parent’s basement and it was awesome! We did it in missionary position and it didn’t last long, but it was just enough to get me addicted.

My first time filming an adult video

I was in relationships as fast as saying “I love you” could get me to their bedroom…and out of relationships just as fast as I realized there was more to experience in sex and life. I knew I would never settle sexually and started realizing just how far away I was from truly reaching all of my sexual goals, some of which I never even knew I had. I worked as a Hooters hostess at 16, and as a strip club waitress at 18, never in the spotlight but always close by, watching and waiting my turn! So when I turned 19 and was approached by a film agent to do a boy/girl adult film for the world to see I said yes right away. That first day on set I thought I was in heaven. I was so turned on and so ready. I worked for some major adult film companies in the next few months and fell even further in love with my sexual desires.

My first time producing my own videos

Being an entrepreneur, I bought a video camera and started my naughty directing journey. From the very first moment I pushed record I got so turned on being able to play back what I had just taped again and again. I launched my official website and recorded a new video every week for friends and fans to see. Now over two years later, I am still completely addicted to it and there are still so many things that I want to accomplish sexually. I have learned that sex is different for everyone and every experience you go through changes you for the next one.

My first time as a legal prostitute

I have had nothing but amazing times in my adult career so far, and now I am about to have my most exciting first time of all at Sheri’s Ranch getting to meet people off-camera, behind closed doors – where we can let our imaginations run wild. I absolutely cannot wait for every single girlfriend experience at Sheri’s Ranch and having the opportunity to give so many others a fantastic time along with having one myself. I couldn’t be happier with this decision in my life and I promise to keep you updated on all of the fun that I have as it happens. Thanks so much for being part of my journey and getting to know me on a deeper level. I can’t wait!

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