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Will Robots Replace Prostitutes?

How would you react if I told you that, one day, several brothels will exclusively offer sex with inanimate latex dolls? What if I said that there will come a day when virtual reality and robotics technology will combine to create an apparatus designed to replace sex? Or that a pleasure device can one day be implanted into your body, inducing intense orgasms at the press of a button?

That day is today.

  • doll brothels, places where men go to have a sexual encounter with a rubber representation of a woman, are a booming business in Japan.
  • the recently debuted VR Tenga, produced by virtual reality pioneer Oculus VR and sex toy company Tenga, is a sex simulation device that synchronizes industrial masturbation mechanisms with video.
  • there exists a miraculous pain management implant, a small box wired to the spine, that has the delightful side effect of sending out waves of orgasm-inducing signals to the brain whenever the recipient desires.

The age of “robot sex” is beginning, and more people than you think are interested in taking on a mechanical lover.

Would you have sex with a robot?

A recent Middlesex University poll concerning robotics revealed that one in five people say that they would have sex with a robot. Those polled also believe that a number of occupations, including police officers and prostitutes, would be replaced by robots by 2025.

This trend toward an acceptance of robot sex, coupled with the ongoing success of phenomena like doll brothels and the increasing advances in sex toy technology, may lead to an inevitable consequence that could be bad news for the legal courtesans working at Nevada’s bordellos: Robots might one day replace prostitutes!

Could this really happen? Will Nevada’s prostitutes be replaced by an army of high-tech constructs that can more efficiently cater to the carnal needs of punters?

Prostitutes weigh in with their thoughts on robot-fever…

Sheri's RanchHave dildos and sex toys completely replaced real penises? Sex toys are popular, but does that mean that people only masturbate and don’t have intercourse anymore? No and no.

Just because sex with robots is becoming popular does not mean that real prostitutes are going to go extinct. Robots are not a replacement for prostitutes, but rather a different outlet to explore ones sexuality. This is a different sort of sexual experience that has its advantages and disadvantages. First, a client has complete control over the robot and can do with it whatever he/she pleases or make it do whatever he/she pleases. If someone is looking for straight mechanical sex (so to speak), then this could be a good sexual outlet for someone to experiment with.

However, people do not go to prostitutes primarily for mindless sex. Many times they are looking for a deeper connection on an emotional or intellectual level. This is when the robot prostitute would be lacking and come up short of what a real person can provide. A robot cannot have a worthwhile conversation and cannot have any chemistry with a client. So depending on what a person is looking for would depend on whether or not a robot would be enough to fulfill his or her needs.

Although robots seem to be a new sexual outlet that has many people excited, it is just that: a novelty. I see them more as an advanced masturbation aid than a replacement for human prostitutes.

–   Violet

erin-prostituteThe idea that robots will one day replace prostitutes is farfetched. I think that as technology progresses, it will become more commonplace for people to visit “doll brothels” or to own more high tech sex toys, but that this increase in the social acceptance of inanimate sexual gratification will not make the conventional human prostitute obsolete. While the physical act of sex is the most common reason for clients to visit a prostitute, many people are also looking for emotional fulfillment that a piece of machinery simply cannot provide. Therefore, the addition and invention of “robot prostitutes” may siphon off some of the clients that are just looking for a quick orgasm, but for the more intimate encounter I believe that real prostitutes are here to stay.

It’s a little insulting to suggest that the majority of our clients are so one dimensional – mindless, sex starved men who just need to stick their penis in something and be on their way. An encounter with a prostitute, at least a good one, is a complex experience where both parties work together to discover the deep-seated desires of the customer and explore those needs in a non-judgmental scenario. It takes an empathetic human to genuinely understand what another human needs.

–   Erin

montana-prostituteI believe robots may one day have a place within the world of prostitution but I do not believe they will ever completely replace a true courtesan. Obviously advantages can be found for having robot brothel workers. A business utilizing robots does not have to worry about housing and food costs or deal with the girl-on-girl drama typical of living prostitutes – and robots never need to take a sick day.

However because a talented prostitute offers more than just a mechanical experience she becomes much more than a sexual object. Because of this, a robot is severely disadvantaged. A robot can never truly understand the mind/body connection that is crucial to great sex or intuitively react to the subtle shifts in the pace and tone of a lovemaking session. A robot cannot make your sexual fantasies come to life by speaking to your inner porn star. No matter how well built the robot may be, a wicked little glint of passion will never be seen in their eyes and a breathy whisper of satisfaction will never be offered from their lips – all these things and more a true courtesan can do.

–   Montana

Emma-prostituteI’m part of the 20% of people who admit they’d have sex with a robot. Personally I think it could be a lot of fun to shag a robot.

Current “fucking machines” are little more than a dildo attached to a thrusting mechanism but I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan so I believe that high-tech sex-bots will be a reality one day and there will be people who will pay for them.

Do I think that robots will ever replace us working girls? Let’s just say that I’m not losing any sleep over it…


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