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How I lost My Virginity [video]

How I Lost My Virginity – featuring Eve Adame

I lost my virginity just two months before making my debut as a legal prostitute.

I wasn’t always as sexually open as I am today. As many stories of sexually deviant young ladies begin, I was raised both religiously and conservatively. I lived a very sheltered life even until after my teenage years. By the time I decided to postpone higher education in pursuit of life experience, I was a 20 year old virgin who’d never been kissed. For several months after I left the religious community, I focused on pursuing my expanding interests in the adult entertainment industry.

Despite being an adult entertainer, I still held on to my virginity for some time. One reason was that I was not yet ready to break the dam of my sexuality and nervous about letting go of my old, religion-based ideals. Another reason was that I needed to find a person with whom I was comfortable sharing my first sexual experience.

Once I had finally decided I was ready to take that final leap, I confided in a male friend with whom I had become very close and comfortable with. He patiently and sympathetically helped me explore the marvels of sex for the first time.

It was wonderful.

After I had that first experience, I knew that not only did I love having sex; I wanted to have sex for a living.

Now that I am a prostitute, I devirginize men regularly and I love being a part of their sexual journey. I remember the frustration of being an adult virgin, so seeing a man walk out of my bedroom changed and liberated, stripped of the deep-seated insecurities that come with being an adult virgin, is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying parts of my job.

People keep their virginity for different reasons and many people choose to remain virgins for the entirety of their lives. The only thing that matters is that if and when you’re ready to let it go, you have a compassionate person to help you through the experience. Whether you’re in your 20’s, 40’s, or 60’s, if you’re an adult virgin who wants to experience sex for the first time, I’m here and I understand.

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