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Las Vegas Nuru Massage

Since the late 1950’s, it has been illegal to pay for sexual intercourse in Japan, as “intercourse with an unspecified person in exchange for payment” is considered prostitution in that country. This situation required the Japanese sex industry to be rather creative in devising non-penetrative sex acts that are as enjoyable and gratifying as intercourse. “Soaplands,” Japanese bathhouses, emerged. In these brothels, sex workers developed wet massage techniques so astonishingly sensual that they became the stuff of legend. The most salacious of these techniques, an erotic body-to-body massage utilizing a slippery gel called nuru, has gained global recognition and is practiced illegally in “happy ending” massage parlors throughout the United States.

Nuru is a full body massage where the masseuse uses her entire nude body to stimulate her equally naked client. Both participants are covered with the lubricating, seaweed-based gel, which allows for highly arousing “body slide” activity.

Obviously, nuru massage was created for a sexual purpose. Because of this, it is not offered in traditional massage parlors. It is an underground, illegal prostitution practice in the USA. Exchanging money for a nuru massage can get a client or massage provider busted by law enforcement officials in an embarrassing sting operation or police raid. Until now, if you wanted to purchase nuru massage services, you had to risk your dignity and reputation.

Fortunately, a licensed brothel near Las Vegas has officially brought this coveted erotic massage out of the shadows and into the limelight. With the grand opening of the nuru specialty room at Sheri’s Ranch, men, women, and couples can legally enjoy a pay-for-play Japanese sex massage.

The only legal nuru massage near Las Vegas

The nuru specialty room at Sheri’s Ranch is the only place in the Las Vegas area, and in the entire United States, where customers can legally experience this breathtaking massage technique. Because this experience takes place in a licensed establishment, there are several advantages for people interested in exploring the world of erotic massage in a Nevada brothel.

Happier ending

Since full-service prostitution is 100% legal in these brothels, nuru massage is not limited to a non-penetrative happy ending. It can include oral sex, vaginal and anal intercourse, and just about any fetish or sexual specialty a customer desires. The sex menu at Sheri’s Ranch is exhaustive and limited only by the imagination of the client and his or her chosen companion.

Authentic and real

Many independent escorts and underground massage parlors advertising “nuru massage” on adult directories like Eros.com do not really offer the authentic experience, or even use the proper nori-based gel. Masseuses at Sheri’s Ranch are well-practiced in nuru techniques and positions, they always use the correct massage gel and accessories, and the nuru specialty room is properly designed so that the temperature is ideal for this specific type of body rub.

Healthy and safe

The underground sex massage industry operates without standards in an unregulated environment. These illegitimate massage parlors often employ women who are not adequately tested for STD’s. All body-on-body massage services at a legal brothel are performed by masseuses who are tested regularly for Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, and other STD’s. The ladies working in these bordellos are disease-free and the rooms and facilities are clean and well-maintained in accordance with Nevada law.

Private and rejuvenating

Even though Sheri’s Ranch is located near Las Vegas, it is far enough away so that clients can enjoy a nuru massage in a truly serene, peaceful, and stress-free environment. Sitting on 20 acres of beautifully cultivated property, this desert oasis is the perfect setting for an exotic retreat. Additionally, the courtesans at Sheri’s are thoroughly discreet. Customer privacy is of paramount importance – there has never been a breach of trust between a legal Nevada brothel and one of its clients.

Curious individuals who have always wanted a nuru massage, but never dared to seek out the service for fear of legal or health ramifications, can now abandon their inhibitions and take part in a wet-and-wild sexual adventure that they will never forget!

If you have any questions about our Las Vegas area nuru massage services, call us at (800) 506-3565.

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