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When it comes to the various genres of sexual role play, no category is more misunderstood than ageplay. As a licensed courtesan offering ageplay as one of my specialties, I’d love to explain what ageplay is and why people enjoy it – and hopefully diminish the taboo associated with this form of adult entertainment appreciated by so many.

Aurora Roseris is a licensed sex worker at Sheri’s Ranch located near Las Vegas, Nevada

Ageplay is a broad term used in BDSM. It can be sexual or non-sexual. Some kinks and relationships that can involve ageplay (but don’t always) are dominant daddy/mommy & little girl/boy, adult baby/diaper lover, teacher/student, etc. At its most simplistic, ageplay is roleplaying as a different age than you are. Whether you’re role-playing as younger or older than your physical age, it always takes place between two consenting adults.

So why do adults like to pretend to be younger than they are? Well, it kind of depends on the person and how age regressive or progressive you are. For age regression, there are a few main types. Adult babies, usually acting as infants, require constant care from their caregiver. Some enjoy wearing diapers, sucking on binkies, and have very little to no verbal communication with their caregiver.

Baby girls/boys, usually acting between one to five years old, sometimes enjoy coloring, cuddling, watching cartoons, and usually have a bit more verbal capability.

Little is the broadest and most used term, sometimes used by those who don’t have a specific age to which they regress. What do all of these have in common? They all let go of adult responsibilities for a while and let someone else take care of them. During age play, there are no worries about what’s going on in the world, only that time, place, and session are important.

There are also middles, who act pre-teen to teenage years. They tend to be a bit brattier, more sexually curious, and more outspoken. If acting out your first high school sexual encounter sounds like fun to you, middle-play might be your cup of tea! Maybe you were an angel in school (like me) and want to re-experience it from a different perspective, you can do that with ageplay! Does something from your childhood still frighten you? You can re-enact that during ageplay with a safe partner and process it in a new way that may help you overcome your fears.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the other side of the coin — bigs and caregivers. In some ageplay relationships, a little will have a caregiver to make sure they still take care of themselves. Caregivers do a lot for their littles, anything from making them eat their vegetables, bathing them, singing them a lullaby, or even helping the little pick their clothes each day. Caregivers can be involved with the little in a sexual or non-sexual way.

Big is the name for acting as the adult in a little’s scenario. Sometimes a big will act older than their physical age, sometimes one will act as the dominant. As a dominate big, you may want to call yourself a little’s “daddy” or “mommy,” but these are usually dedicated labels for a committed relationship, so always ask your little first!

Regardless of your fears, ageplay need not be one of them. Ageplay is a safe way to experience a simpler, stress-free environment. I myself am a little, and I love to color, cuddle, play house, dress up, and snuggle my stuffed animals. No matter how you express your age, you can relax with me and let your inner child loose!

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