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Girlfriend Experience (GFE), Friends with Benefits

It’s been well-documented that the Girlfriend Experience (often abbreviated GFE) is the most popular service offered by licensed sex workers in Nevada’s brothels. The offering, broadly defined as an encounter with a sex worker that blurs the boundaries between a monetary transaction and a romantic relationship, was found to be the service most requested by men in a 2017 poll of sex workers, and there’s every indication that the GFE will grow in popularity as men continue to reap the benefits from the most passionate and intense encounter that money can buy.

But what exactly is it about a Girlfriend Experience that makes it the most sought-after sexual adventure? What makes a GFE so spectacularly gratifying? What do clients get out of it that has these men coming back for more? Well, as a sex worker plying my trade in a legal Nevada brothel, I’d like to share my informed opinion on the benefits of a Girlfriend Experience.

It should be stated that the specifics that comprise a particular GFE rendezvous can vary, as every sex worker offers a personal interpretation of what a Girlfriend Experience entails. But just about every GFE offered by modern day sex workers includes some combination of conversation, tenderness, and reciprocal sexual pleasure. These elements, in the context of sex work, come together to form the most satisfying intimate encounter possible.

Clarissa Steel is a licensed courtesan from Sheri’s Ranch near Las Vegas, Nevada

Benefits of a Girlfriend Experience

I’ve been a licensed sex worker, off and on, for a few years now. In that time, I’ve come to specialize in the GFE and I’ve developed several wonderful relationships with my clients. From my background offering the Girlfriend Experience and witnessing first-hand the impact such a service has on the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of my lovers, I feel that the GFE’s popularity comes from the authentic romance, mutual sexual fulfillment, and catharsis that make up the encounter.

Authentic Romance

What is romance? Google it! The definition you’ll find is “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” When you see a sex provider for a non-GFE encounter, you’ll get your rocks off, drain the pipes, and relieve unwanted stress, but the act will likely lack the mystery and excitement that’s usually associated with a romantic relationship.

Sex is fantastic — and I’m more than capable of turning you on like you’ve never been turned on before, straddling your rigid member until I drain you dry, leaving you thoroughly sated with a dopey smile on your face — but there’s more to a GFE than merely great sex. When you see a prostitute for a hot blow job and a bed-shaking romp, you generally know what to expect. But when you get to know someone romantically, regularly engaging in deep conversation and extended intimacy, there’s no way to know how that relationship is going to develop. What direction will our romance take? How will our common ground, and our differences, help us to learn more about each other, ourselves, and the world around us? As we get to know each other beyond the physical, how will our appreciation for each other intensify our sexual chemistry and help us customize and enhance our erotic trysts?

It’s this aspect of mystery that sparks our sense of adventure, gets our juices flowing, and really turns a sexual encounter into something much more engrossing. I believe that romance is something all human beings yearn for, and that this part of a GFE fills a void many of us have, especially if it’s been a long time since we’ve enjoyed a romantic relationship.

Reciprocal Sexual Fulfillment

Another benefit of a Girlfriend Experience that is distinct from standard pay-for-play sex is the mutuality of the sex. You’re going to have the best orgasms of your life when you’re in a GFE relationship with me, but, of equal importance, you’re going to make me come as well. A truly gratifying sexual relationship is one in which both parties take the time to learn everything about the needs and desires of their lover. When you get to know the unique appetites of your partner, you get better and better at pleasing them. Getting off is fabulous, but a more complete sexual satisfaction is achieved when you know that you’re giving as well as you’re getting.


During a girlfriend experience, I often serve as a sort of sex therapist, helping my client purge the deep-seated issues that negatively affect his day-to-day life, sexual or otherwise. A huge distinction between a GFE sex worker and an actual girlfriend or wife, is that a sex worker provides a judgment-free environment where a client can shamelessly unload all of his emotional baggage.

We all play roles and create barriers in our daily relationships with others. During a Girlfriend Experience, a client is allowed to be his true self. This “truth without consequences” realm shared between the GFE provider and the client allows the client to get real about who he is, what he’s experienced, how he truly feels, and what he really wants. Of all the benefits of a Girlfriend Experience, I believe that it’s this sense of authentic trust that is one of the most rewarding and healing attributes of the GFE, and a big reason why a GFE is unequivocally the most desired service performed by sex workers.

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