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2013 NASCAR Weekend Adult Entertainment

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Gentlemen, start your engines!

Friday March 8th through Sunday March 10th is the 2013 NASCAR Weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Sheri’s Ranch is looking forward to seeing old friends and new faces in town for this annual NASCAR event.


NASCAR visitors looking for the best in adult entertainment visit Sheri’s Ranch every year because only Sheri’s Ranch delivers a filthy-hot sexual experience that’s safe, discrete, and 100% legal. Sheri’s Ranch is the closest legal brothel to Las Vegas and we have a heart-stopping line-up of gorgeous courtesans scheduled for NASCAR Weekend. Click a thumbnail from the gallery below to view the profile of the lady that strikes your fancy.

Also, our Budweiser Jacuzzi suite, a favorite of our NASCAR friends, was remodeled in 2012 – so be sure to check out the new look. Sheri’s Playland, a suite of fantasy role play bungalows, is another not-to-be-missed upgrade we made to the resort since last year’s Las Vegas Motor Speedway event.

Sheri’s Ranch offers free luxury car service from Las Vegas to our sex resort, so gentlemen can relax and enjoy complimentary beverages as they ride in style to paradise.

Contact us any time if you have any questions or if you want to set up a reservation for NASCAR Weekend.

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