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Sex Bucket List Ideas

One of the biggest misconceptions about legal courtesans is that, when it comes to sex, many believe we have seen and done it all.

While most legal prostitutes in Nevada are extremely well versed in a wide variety of sexual arts, not one of us has experienced every manifestation of adult sexuality. That would, of course, be impossible, since life offers innumerable sexual possibilities, limited only by our imagination and the courage to live out our unique desires.

Every individual has a distinct sexual progression. How we discover sex for the first time can sometimes shape what we consider “common” or “normal.”

As a young girl my close friend and fellow courtesan Riley caught a glimpse of her father’s dirty magazine, which featured a photo spread on golden showers. For months she thought that sex was peeing on another person. As she matured and began to learn the facts about the birds and the bees, she understood, thanks to that magazine spread, that there are wonderful deviations from what society considers the “sexual norm.”

From an early age, Riley was introduced to and enticed by the endless prospects of the carnal world, from the socially accepted to the deviant. For many people, exploring and experimenting with new perversions is the most thrilling aspect of their sexual journey.

While Riley and I have had countless sensational erotic experiences, we are nowhere near the end of our journey. There are quite a few experiences that we look forward to having.

We got together recently and created our sex bucket list, a catalog of ten sex acts that we have yet to participate in. Maybe, if you share some of the same desires, you can help us check off a few of these naughty items…


Destini and Riley from Sheri’s Ranch

Public Places

I really want to see if me and my lover can accomplish this without any one noticing us. The adrenaline rush of doing something naughty in public, within ear shot of innocent bystanders, gets me so turned on.


Riley wants to try the wheelbarrow sex position. Her favorite position is doggy. She wants to know she could receive a deeper, more intense sensation doing the wheelbarrow.

Naughty Secretary

I would love to be the CEO with a male secretary willing to fulfill my every request.

Forced Fantasy

We would like to force you to fuck us! We’ll strap you to our forced orgasm chair or chain you to the wall and dominate your manhood until we’ve had our fill – whether you like it or not.

Prostate Massage

We want to know how to do prostate massage like in the movie Road Trip. We hear it gives a man his biggest “O.”

Two guys on me

I would love to have a nice hard cock in my mouth while another penis penetrates my pussy! Riley has done this before and she says it was hot. I’m so jealous. So bring your best friend and I will bring mine. Lets make it happen.

Erotic Asphyxiation

Riley wants to choke you out while she rides you and reaches her climax. She has never dominated anyone in this controversial way before, but there’s just something intoxicating about trusting your sex partner with your life.


Riley has told me about an orgasm she had using one and now this famous sex machine has peaked my curiosity. Do you own one?

Cross Dressing

I am extremely open minded and I am hoping to try this out one day, especially on a guy who has never done it before but always wanted to. I would like to make you beautiful and enjoy you in all your transvestite glory.

Anal Sex

Yup, both Riley and I still have yet to go Greek and engage in this devilishly porntastic sex act. Will you be our first?

Photo of Sybian from Wikimedia Commons
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