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Swingers Lifestyle vs. Legal Brothels

You and your lady want to get your freak on. You’ve both fantasized and talked about bringing someone into the bedroom – a third party to spice things up a bit. Finally, you are ready to take the plunge. What are your options? Do you trawl through the classified ads for a new addition to your sex life? Do you seek out a sex play group? Call an escort service? A swingers lifestyle club? Or do you make the trip to a legal brothel to meet your new playmate(s)?

The question has been posed to me many times in my years as a legal prostitute at a Nevada brothel. My resounding answer has always been to advocate for a trip to Sheri’s or a similar establishment – particularly for those couples who have never invited someone into their bedroom before. Why? Read on.

Char from Sheri's Ranch

Char from Sheri’s Ranch

1.  Emotions & Privacy

Opening your bedroom door to an outside lover is a big deal to most people. It requires immense trust and respect between the experimenting couple. Emotions can run high and it can be a bit scary emotionally.  I love the fact that at Sheri’s, a couple’s encounter with another lover is effectively encapsulated. You arrive together, you make a mutual decision on the sex partners and activities and you do your thing. Then, when all the fun is over, you leave together, just the two of you. You share a delightful secret.

However, you are guaranteed no interference in your personal/home life. No awkward encounters at the local supermarket when you run into the girl you invited into your home last night. No need to worry about others in your home base knowing about your sexual tendencies. No concerns about loss of personal privacy. We like to have our fun with you at Sheri’s but respect your private lives.

2.  Safety

Only at a legal brothel can you be certain that your new lovers are free of sexually transmitted diseases. The ladies who work at Nevada’s legal brothels are tested weekly for STDs and we always use prophylactics. While there are certainly a number of independent testing laboratories that can screen civilians for a nominal fee (and I highly recommend this option to anyone who is sexually active with one or more partners, regardless of where they choose to play), and experienced swingers will regularly self-test and happily supply paperwork to prospective partners, not everyone in the swingers community operates to such high personal standards. Many swinger’s clubs are unregulated when it comes to proof of STD-negative status. Further, condoms are not necessarily mandatory in the swingers community. So even if someone provides proof of a recent clean screening there is no guarantee that that individual hasn’t played with someone less scrupulous since the time of testing – thus exposing you to enormous physical risk.

3. Quality

Several of my clients play with outside partners both at Sheri’s and in the swinger’s community. While meeting prospective partners may be more geographically convenient and less expensive, I hear time and again that there is a shortage on hot, sexually proficient men and women in the swinger’s world. While Sheri’s has no male prostitutes available for play (much to my chagrin!) we have a bevy of gorgeous women willing to accommodate your sexual fantasies. And once here you can jump between partners. Why limit yourselves to just one lady when you can choose several?

4. Legality

While swinger’s clubs are legal in many places, the use of escorts for sexual services outside of Nevada’s licensed brothels is not. Enough said.

I’m not knocking the swinger lifestyle by any stretch. I think that it can be an exciting and excellent way for experienced individuals and couples to broaden their sexual horizons. But for those just getting started, I would recommend a visit to one of Nevada’s brothels, hands-down.

Thanks for listening. I look forward to your feedback.

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