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Hi Guys! I’m AshlynnMay, one of the lovely ladies of Sheri’s Ranch. As most everyone has stated, there really is no way to know what a party will cost before your visit to the ranch. I would suggest you consider the service you are requesting seriously and ask yourself what is honestly a reasonable cost; specialty services or exotic pleasures will undoubtedly increase what you expect to pay. As a lady of Sheri’s, I do my best to work with clients budgets and desires, however, I do ask that you be reasonable in your offer and demands.

Honestly, the BEST thing to do is just bring what you can and just come to the ranch and talk to the lady of your liking for yourself! You have nothing to lose by visiting and talking with ladies here! Hopefully you can come to an agreement, but even if you come underprepared, you will at least know what to expect for next time, plus how could spending time in the presence of our beautiful ladies be a disappointment?! Meeting myself, or another Sheri’s lady in person will only give you something to look forward to when you can return. It’s simply a win-win scenario! Don’t let money be the hindrance of you getting the experience of a lifetime!

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