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Not sure I totally understand what happened, Matt, but as I see it, if I recall rightly, you were planning to visit on June 26. As I look at that date, there are 24 lovely ladies on the schedule at the moment and if the one you had hoped for is not going to be there, (perhaps she had to change her schedule for unforeseen reasons), I would still think it worth your while to visit the ranch and see what happens. Perhaps meeting other ladies in person will spark something and you will have a great time and perhaps if you manage a return visit, perhaps your original planned courtesan will be there then. I know I have a reservation booked for 2 weeks time with a great courtesan, and I hope the party will be wonderful and epic, but I also know that sometimes life gets in the way and she may wind up not being there, or she could come down ill on the day or something, and there is the possibility that we may not even have a successful negotiation, though I hope I am wrong about that, but I would still come to Sheri’s and see what happens. There are too many fine and wonderful ladies there to put me off if my planned party fell through because of one lady not being there.

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