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Whoa, Jalrey!! Are you trying to get laid, or conducting an extensive job interview?! I mean, why stop at drinks?…Why not ask for qualifications, references, and credit histories while you’re at it?!
OK I’m kidding around a bit, but you get my point, right? Just relax a tiny bit, and let things work themselves out. I would suggest, sitting at the bar, or a booth, the hostess will pretty quickly come over and ask if you are there to see someone. That is your queue to let her know that you have a few women that you are interested in talking with before deciding. The hostess will then do her best to arrange for them to come by one at a time (if available) and chat with you for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes you must decide to A) Pass – politely say it was nice meeting you, and that perhaps you’ll visit with her another time. B) You’re Feeling the Vibe! – go on a tour, or back to her room to negotiate, C) Still not sure – request with the hostess to continue talking with her past the 10 mins. (This move is potentially risky. If you do this because you are having a great time, and fully intend to party with her, it’s likely not an issue. However, if you waste more of her time, and then still can’t pull the trigger, then that’s annoying, and I’ll warn you that word can get around quick!)

As for drinks, by all means, buy them for the ladies! but you don’t need to also have that same number of drinks yourself. Save the dinners, for the actual date if that’s what you want.

Good luck!

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