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“Mailwoman”… Hahaha! That’s hilarious firefighter! Thanks for the laugh and for kindly letting me off the hook and ladder. :^D

Allissa: Well Hey, you! And you will be there too?! How awesome is that?? I hadn’t even thought to check which of you lovely ladies will be at the ranch Tuesday before I leave. So that means you’ll likely be around the ranch before Tuesday but not working? Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Let’s see… now that I’ve checked, I see you’re not only going to be there, but other ladies I had hoped to meet will be as well. This just keeps getting more exciting by the second! Only 24 more hours and I’ll be hitting the trail Sheri’s way. Woo Hoo!!!

… Uh-oh, this situation is starting to remind me of the Eagles’ song Hotel California… “ You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave! ” …

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