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The only prices that Sheri’s Ranch can provide are the “Ultimate Sex Vacation” packages that include a 2 or 3 night Hotel stay. These upscale party packages allow clients to splurge a little and attain the utmost pleasure from their Brothel excursion. http://www.sherisranch.com/adult-sex-vacation/

The $2100 & $3200 Ultimate Sex Vacation package prices can be stated because they are booked through a travel agent as legitimate vacation packages. The prices are allowed to be posted because the vacation packages include a hotel room, upgraded dinner for two, $2000 or $3000 party voucher, open bar, champagne, souvenir and transportation. The sex parties are negotiated from the voucher that is included in the package. Nevada’s prostitution solicitation prohibition dictates that actual sex party negotiations must be conducted on the licensed brothel premises.

Nevada brothels operate on the basis of professional independent contractor Courtesans negotiating their own custom party prices, but the brothels establish house minimums. Therefore, set prices for specific sex menu items are impossible to be stated; individual Courtesans’ prices may vary or they may not offer certain menu items. All Courtesans have their specialties at which they excel and custom designed parties priced accordingly to fulfill clients’ desires. In addition, Sheri’s Professional Courtesans are independent contractors; they’re at liberty to set their own party prices, and types of parties or menu items they provide.

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