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I can only give our perspective as I was at Sheri’s last week with my wife for our first threesome.

We had an appointment with Juna but had arrived early. The ranch madame met with us and give us some helpful information. We waited at the bar and Juna joined us. She sat with us and got to know us a little bit. She then took us on a tour of the facility which gave us more time to get to know her better and feel more comfortable with her. After the tour, we went to her bedroom for negotiations. I personally needed a little more time to feel comfortable and Juna did a great job at putting me at ease. My wife did not need any time as she and Juna hit it off very quickly.

I didn’t do any research on the bungalows. To us it was far more important to have the time for the threesome as opposed to the setting. I will say that the bedroom was a little small and we might consider a bungalow in the future.

I hope you and your husband have an amazing time. I know that my wife and I were shocked that our experience exceeded all of our wildest expectations (she rated it 11/10 and she is not one known for hyperbole). Enjoy!

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