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Amber Lynn

@Marvellady When you all visit the ranch, it’s always best to meet in the bar, chit chat for a bit, and get to know each other before clothes go flying…this way everyone is relaxed comfortable, and ready to have fun! Though it is nice to offer to bring diner, it’s not necessary.

As for pricing, we are only able to negotiate specific rates in the privacy of our own room, behind closed doors. Every lady is negotiates differently depending on time, activity, ect.

The bungalows are always a fabulous option, especially for a threesome! The bungalows are various themes, come with steak and lobster dinner, open bar, and are definitely the best option if you all are planing on a longer party experience! Choosing a bungalow verses a specialty room, or our own private room does not effect the amount of money we get, regardless of where you choose to play the split between us gals and the house is still the same!

Hope this bit of information is helpful…when are you all planning to visit?

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