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Well, when I was at Sheri’s I saw many girls, and spoke briefly to a few, but spent most of my time with the enthralling Fabulous Amber Lynn. If that turns out to be my last Sheri’s party I will have no regrets because it was everything and more than I hoped it would be. BUT, assuming I am able to have many more visits and I got to a point where I knew my next visit was my last, I, (and I know this will sound weird), would likely not party all day, but would like to spend the day at the ranch talking with the girls, buying them drinks, buying them lunch and would want to just enjoy the day then I think would want to spend an intimate hour or two with a favorite courtesan, (Amber Lynn if she was there, because she was my first at the ranch and will always have a special place in my heart because of that). That hour or two would perhaps involve sex, but would not be the most important aspect. It would be the company and companionship that would matter at that point. Then Id wan’t to sit out on the little covered sitting area near the pool and watch the sun go down. Go into the bar, have dinner say farewell to the girls, Ranch Mama, the staff and drive off into a cool evening, with many fond memories of a great little oasis in the desert. 🙂

Yeah, hokey I know, but there it is.

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