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Very good/true thread. The stigma of the world’s oldest profession is sad & sadly most likely to not change in our lifetime. Years ago I mistakenly told 7 co-workers who weren’t close friends, of ventures near Carson City & I was treated different, & paying for sex was all I was known for at work. So I keep my Sheri’s trips secret , with the exception of 4 close friends . It’s a shame that Courtesan isn’t as mainstream/acceptable of an occupation such as school teacher. Guys who pay are considered losers by many . Let me tell you, the caliber of Sheri’s gals makes me not a loser. There are many 8’s 9’s & 10’s here . Going to strip clubs is socially acceptable & the last time I went, I spent $400 on $20 lap dances just to leave w/blue balls. For more cash, you get your manly needs achieved at Sheri’s. To me, going to strip clubs is stupid. Years ago there were only 2 Yelp reviews of Sheri’s, now there are 19–perhaps a sign that clients aren’t as ashamed. You women are saints & healers in my book

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