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Yes, they will tell you their ground rules from the beginning. Some girls kiss, some don’t some only allow light closed mouth kissing, some MAY allow open mouth kissing, (others who work/have spent more time at the ranch can clarify this). You can always find out where they stand on those, and many other topics if you email them or contact them via private message on twitter.

I would say that any lady at the ranch would do her utmost to help you have the most fantastic time you can in their company, would strive to alleviate your fears and nervousness, help you relax and help give you confidence. For your part, be respectful, use good hygiene practices and follow her lead. They know what they are doing and are great teachers.

I am sure any of the ladies in Flint’s list above would be marvelous companions for you to lose your v-card with, but I can only tell you from my own experience that, although I was not a virgin when I visited the ranch, Amber Lynn is very good at making one feel at ease and comfortable during your time there. I wholeheartedly recommend, if she is one of the girls you are thinking about emailing, that you do so. Even if you do not end up partying with her, she will give you good advice about your visit.

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