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J Alan

I wanted to say, in follow-up, that I chose Erin purely on looks and curves. Erin was even hotter in person and it was a memory for the ages. Her fair skin and awesome breasts drove me to her. And I want to say that she introduced some stuff that has benefited my personal situation, trying harder at home to introduce more fun into my sex life. Thanks, Erin.

But Erin chose Kitty Cat, not me. I avoided a black lady to start with, because the significant woman in my life is black, and I needed contrast. Erin would have no way of knowing this, but probably picked up in the bar that I had no problem talking to Kitty (or maybe Erin just loves Kitty licking her kitty…or both). So Erin would have no way of knowing that Kitty was very similar in looks to my lady’s best friend- who is almost as hot as Kitty Cat (I know, hard to believe).

So now, I get to live with what it would be like to screw my lady’s best friend. I just hope I never say “Erin” or “Kitty” or [Her Best Friend’s Name] as I think about them when I am with my lady.

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