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Angel Parr

That’s awesome, good for you Stan!

The bungalows are typically a 2 hour party as a standard and I find it to be well worth it, if I was a client I would only party in the bungalows. They are much more private than a ladies room, we have very thin walls for security reasons and nothing kills the mood more than hearing a lady yelling at her kids on the phone, or the lineup bell going off mid party. Outside of that they come with a hot tub so you can start off in there and allow things to progress naturally, you get an open bar, and a top notch meal with your lady. It a place the you can truly get the girlfriend experience and forget that your in a bothel for a bit.

The best thing to do is to pick me girl and then she will point out a few friends she likes to play with, you’ll pick which you like the best and then you all three go negotiate together.

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