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I’m with Angel you shouldn’t be sorry for asking this question it was, on its face, valid. Perhaps with my rather breathy and broad post I made you feel a bit uneasy. If that is indeed the case please accept my apologies.

When it come to certain subjects, religion being one, I can become something of a firebrand. Particularly when it appears someone is about to or is posturing to pass judgement. Faith is a personal thing and I have seen WAY too many times those who practice their faith with entirely too much zeal. So much in fact they become predatory for the sake of dominion/power or proselytization. Using faith as a blunt instrument is a common event and one I do not stand by silently and watch as it passes by.

You have an absolute right to your faith whatever it is and I’m sure its quite different than my own ( I think my faith is mine alone…..an entire congregation of one…..small house.).

As far as Sheri’s and your faith you’ll have to find you own way. However if you treat others with dignity and respect, especially these ladies who have a much more difficult task than most could even begin to know, you would pass muster under my plan.

Good luck with your journey in life and wherever it takes you.

Remember keep the wind to your back and sunshine on your face.

All the best,

Bret Maverick

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