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Angel Parr

I personally Love to play with couples. I find it a very special and unique party. I am very bi-sexual, and always try to send my couples home with a new trick that they can play with at home! Sex if the fun part and the easy part of all this, chemistry is the most important, esp for a couples party, so I would agree with Amber. It would be best to email a few ladies ahead of time just to get an idea, but that doesn’t mean that you have to setup an appointment with them, personalities are often hard to portray through emails, so make up a list of ladies you want to talk with, and when you come in just tell the hostess. This way you get to really find out who your lady is and be sure that you have the best choice for you! Most of the time couples just come in and enjoy a few drinks to relax while us ladies take our turns talking with you one at a time, and then you get to pick which you liked the best! I find that to be a great option as well! Most of our ladies play with couples so its really just about finding the one that works best with you!

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