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Maverick, it’s good to see you again sir. Thank you again for lending your assistance on my newbie thread years ago.


Good to see you as well my friend, I hope things are well with you and yours. “Years ago”….yeah those years are piling up too!!! How they breeze by! I am always gratified to hear of how my altruistic efforts furthered the experiences of others….thank you for the kind recitation.

And more to the point I’m glad to see you here “paying it forward” so to speak. I always provided the best counsel possible without contingency. However my greatest hopes were that those in receipt of this gift would in turn do the same for others. In that one saw the value of what they received from me inspired them to do the same is one of the best silent compliments one can receive.

Its good to see you and a few others here whom I guided and advised in those aforementioned years.

Now being largely absent it appears those efforts were wisely placed and hopes well founded.

Thanks for helping those who have come after us.

Well played 007 well played.

My Best,


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